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The global financial crisis, and wreaks havoc on almost any area of ​​the U.S. economy, also has the imperative of American education system stressed students preparing in a competitive global economy. Including quality of education, recruitment and retention – in fact, President Obama education reform and global competitiveness was an important part of his education platform, with $ 100 billion in federal stimulus funds for education


leaders prepare the basis for MyEducationLab Pearson – a powerful new online program for teachers in training. Pearson, the world’s leading educational publishing and technology company continually invests in innovative learning solutions that make a difference in student progress.

MyEducationLab provides students powerful insight into the actual classroom work as well as a wide selection of tools that support them in the journey of college classroom. The innovative research-based program includes video examples of current teachers and students, so the university educators important framework for the complexity of supply teaching in today’s classrooms.

Preliminary results

teacher training, have contributed to the design of the program shows support MyEducationLab overwhelming for flexibility and ease of use, reports of more than 80% of respondents indicated that the product of the most extensive important practice tests, tasks with images and video recordings of classroom situations from real life as very important in understanding the construction of pedagogical skills needed in today’s schools.

“video clips MyEducationLab the best asset to my students who have no experience in the classroom with students had been”, says Professor Emily Schell of San Diego State University. “Even for those with experience in the classroom that will help them improve focused interviews and clips to” see “and understand the concepts and theories presented in the text and lectures.”


in 70 leading brands with online application tasks, homework exercises, individual study plans and resources easily accessible to teachers and students integrate. Pearson Teacher Education and Development Group has worked with more than 240 instructors and authors MyEducationLab Pearson believes.

“I found a wonderful resource MyEducationLab for my classes,” says Cherie Roberts, Bloomsburg University. “The videos provide the visual aspect of pre-teachers needed to understand better how to teach a particular concept.”


support of teachers covers continuity with the content and services that represent the research and knowledge of the leading researchers of American education. Under respected imprints of Jesuit higher education are Allyn & Bacon and Merrill, offering print, digital and hybrid tools and resources that are to be mixed effectively academic research and practical applications for K12 educators today and students, faculty is tomorrow.


research-based professional development for teachers include learning teams, evidence-based models of collaboration that brings teachers together to learn from each other, students hone their skills to improve themselves and their progress, and Observation Protocol Sheltered Instruction (SIOP), learn an innovative approach to the teaching of the English language that uses “sheltered instruction” subjects like mathematics, science or social science education in a way to understand the concepts ease, while at the same time strengthen the development of English language courses.

more about MyEducationLab is Email Emily Knight @ emily.knight available.

About Pearson:

Pearson (NYSE: PSO), the global leader in educational technology and education, reaches and engages today’s digital natives in day with effective and personalized learning, as well as dedicated professional development for teachers. This commitment is the company’s investment in innovative print and digital education materials for PreK through college, student information systems and learning management systems, teacher professional development, career programs and testing and assessment products that set the standard for the industry demonstrates established. The company brands include eCollege respected, Prentice Hall, Addison Wesley, Benjamin Cummings, and many others. Pearson’s comprehensive offerings help inform targeted instruction and intervention so that success is within reach of all students at all levels of education. Pearson commitment to education for all is supported by the global philanthropic initiatives of the Pearson Foundation. Pearson Tel include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information, visit

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