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: Awesome! This vid was released on EQD: Made in Sony Vegas – A lot of people have asked, so I’ll post it here Blue Small Pony – snowdrops (not yet released from Fanimation) How can you not love this song? … Vegas does not like this video at all … This is usually a sign that is halfway lol. Anyway, this project started out as just bopping and singing Crusader: “We do not even try” … It inspired me to do it by accident after trying. It just went from there, but I never intended to go beyond. Also, I thought it was boring with canon clips around, so I decided to spice things up a bit by fanimations. Presented ———————— Videos: Oh, boy, here we go Snapai – Lyravator: Nomorethan9 – 1 Wildfire Road Rage: www . second Nice Pony Happy Good Times for Command: third Epic Wub Time: Ponyville Musicians: SillyFillyStudios – snowdrops Trailer: WhitehawkePAUNCH – Works for Moon Day: Black Gryphon – Message Twilight Sparkle – BlackGryph0n: Artist Duo – Children of the Night, Teaser: horses plenty of green screen: Back ground From mlp vector club: mlp Is that all? I think the whole … let each —————————– XP I have no creativity!
Video Rating: 4/5

GAMING CHANNEL – second channel – Like, Share & Subscribe please! I ask that I go out in the sunlight, that is, when I have fear Well, here are some images of global vacation that I have! I traveled from Chicago to Japan to Antarctica to Mars baked beans! I hope you enjoy my journey! Hi all, thanks very much for watch my videos, this is my 25th video is and I feel like I’ve only just started, I have to get over many ideas. Although this is a parody of me and how I never leave the house in drag, I have some ideas that will be held outside the home very, very soon. So please stay tuned! TWITTER – Facebook – GOOGLE + – Tumblr – Instagram – http Pinterest – PERSONAL FB – Hi, I’m Jessica Who? And yes, I’m a boy! SEND ME LETTERS ♥ Polar Bar Productions PO Box 140216 Gainesville, FL 32614-2851 Thanks for looking! This video was a Flip Ultra HD and edited in Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 filmed MUSIC – Eighties Action by Kevin MacLeod (
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. prodigytrainer903

    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He took a hammer and hit the ATM!

  2. Sweetfire24

    PMV is the best! : D I’ve been searching for a long time, and I’m definitely satisfied. xD

  3. TrumpetBrony

    read the description

  4. PackersAlabamafan

    No top comments …………. GO LUNA <3 <3

  5. Wish Lotus
    Wish Lotus12-28-2012

    What program did you use?

  6. Alexander Merchan
    Alexander Merchan12-28-2012

    i love this song

  7. Skyler Payne
    Skyler Payne12-28-2012

    I wish I could like this twice.

  8. TommyDDoom

    Oh, please do not .. I do not want to just send me to the naughty corner

  9. L1i2k3e4a5b6o7s8s

    Well, it intensifies the advice quiklynun double rainbow and music stfuund 2?

  10. DoubleRainbowfilly

    The kids will not let me send the Naughty Corner

  11. DoubleRainbowfilly

    The kids will not let me send the Naughty Corner

  12. TommyDDoom

    I knew this already!

  13. TruyanZx

    The Internet … not safe for you

  14. DoubleRainbowfilly

    I think this might be due to a copyright XP, you have the music, if not, I’m not sure how to change XD

  15. RainbowdashFTW100

    Well, you are a. Anyway, do not make sense and you’re an idiot, I’m surprised that has not been realized yet. Bye.

  16. TommyDDoom

    Thank you!

  17. Jon Locke
    Jon Locke12-28-2012

    “The content owner has not made this video on mobile.” : ‘(

  18. DoubleRainbowfilly

    ful song is not out yet, but it’s a trailer clip of “Children of the Night”

  19. eddreanei

    This is one of my favorite videos of pony always related

  20. RainbowdashFTW100

    What the hell are you talking about? I have better things to do than talk idiots do.

  21. TommyDDoom

    Uh .. This dance is a violation head or something

  22. RainbowdashFTW100

    Why you ask? Do not come off as rhetoric.

  23. rocknerdman

    When I became a Brony nobody ever told me that I have a sudden affection for each song by Owl City

  24. TommyDDoom

    I know this … that’s why I said its a bit strange

  25. JessicaWhoHD


  26. JessicaWhoHD

    No Thanks

  27. JessicaWhoHD


    GARY THOMPSON12-28-2012

    Fuck you and fuck a goat fag.go

  29. flummic3

    That was fun, but ….. Are you gay?

  30. yucchhii wootwoot
    yucchhii wootwoot12-28-2012

    Jessica, you’re funny! By the way, I love to eat these grains, as long as you are in them. Love, Sarah.

  31. Courtney Kitten
    Courtney Kitten12-28-2012

    Girllll, Ft Lauderdale come! I know many clubs t-girl 🙂

  32. JessicaWhoHD

    @ Penny Arcade LOL yea! THANKS

  33. JessicaWhoHD

    Hahah I have 😉 hehehe …. =)

  34. 8silverrings

    I think this video is to be believed, because you can not get a flight to Mars. I found on Google.

  35. JessicaWhoHD

    Haha very funny 🙂 … Yes it’s true what you say,

  36. Loraguy

    Wow, you are goooood. I know how hard it is to have a good hair day on Mars, and removed it from cosmic! (… Or should be fun?) Thing I’ve noticed in recent years: people feel about transvestites low because they try to shoot out in mass, are the same people who never written anything. Please ignore it, girls!

  37. JaceErlan


  38. JessicaWhoHD

    Thank you very much .. Haha 🙂 I retreated to the beans!

  39. JaceErlan

    The next time you travel to Antarctica, I’ll give you a wardrobe sweaters.How would fit in a can of beans? I Wow.Must ‘a fun trip.

  40. JessicaWhoHD


  41. Staceyrae100

    It seems that I discovered how my videos.

  42. JessicaWhoHD

    Haha, the beans were delicious!

  43. JessicaWhoHD

    lol 🙂

  44. Deadkittens22

    But fun.

  45. Deadkittens22


  46. dlogfotraeha

    You had me fooled until the can of beans!

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