My Lighting Setup for My DSLR Videos

23 The key light us my large sliding door which faces west. Most of the time the sun is not hitting directly, it is bouncing off the hill in the open space. The color of the light changes with amber to pure white snow, only a few weeks a year it is green. The angle of light is very important I have found setting my tripod in the right location creates the best contrast ratio. If I look straight into the window watch what happens to the ratio, and more than that, watch what happens to the catch light pinpoints in my eyes which I think looks terrible. Next up is my fill light. For about a year and half I used the silver side of 42 inch reflector. However lately I think gold works better. I like the catch light in my eyes, just one eye, I wish it was two. I don’t like it being in the floor, see what it does to my shirt. Fast moving clouds can be a pain, I always look to see how fast I need to go in the after noon in the summer. Possible the third light is behind me not sure it adds anything. I am amazed how the light is always different. Time of day, time of year, I can’t recreate it. Color if the room has changed since I started this, I painted almost an 18% gray. The CRI index is high with natural light, not sure what that means but low noise in the shadows. Color of my desk, translucent allows light up through it. Color of the carpet. Light from the monitor too. Color of my t-shirts play a role too. I do have led lights but when I add them I get a
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. R10TMAK3R1

    do you ever use lighting from your computer screen?

  2. makeupbygloria

    AWESOME thanks for this.

  3. flicebaby

    Actually… don’t. Natural light has a more appealing nature to it and in this case it does look quite good. If anything you should just work with it and amplify it and then soften it a bit.

  4. mattaniahs

    really appreciate your videos! i used some of what i learned from you to make an original video song.


  5. crizisinsane

    teach me how to dugie

  6. Knoptop

    very nice explanation!

  7. kraig800i

    Very Informative video, thanks for posting : )

    Any chance of a link to your online store ?

  8. acirak

    CRI, short for Color Rendering Index (as you mentioned), is one of the measurements of lighting. The perfect CRI is 100%. A lower CRI, like 60%, will make colors to look washed out, hence the noise. Conversely, a higher CRI, 85% and over, will make colors look vivid and vibrant, more natural.

  9. drumat5280

    I have it listed on my gear page on my site where you can get it.

  10. PlatSoul

    where did you get that target screen?

  11. Climbatize

    I look forward to your rendering video Dave. You’re right, rendering the final output can make a massive difference, (which I’ve learnt through error). It will be interesting to see how you go about it. Not only is the picture quality superb on your vids, the playback is always silky smooth as well.

  12. dwshetler

    I just found your channel, just getting into video on dslr. Thank you for doing this channel, it certainly helps us newbies. I have a t1i as opposed to your t2i but I will certainly use what you teach

  13. Failingromeo

    Great content as always

  14. Technickization

    where did you get your custom desk?

  15. afritunez

    i like dave, and his videos, they hepled me out alot, keep doing what u do dave, ur awesome

  16. FatCheatingBastard

    grat stuff as always! can’t wait for the rendering tutorial. your vids look great evan at 360p!

  17. paramparchad

    I just want to thank you for all the help. Keep up with good work.

  18. CamBlogs

    I’ve recently upgraded to Premiere Pro for Windows 7, I’d definitely appreciate a tutorial on how you render. I’m about to buy a Canon T3i 600D so I’ll be taking pretty similar video quality to you. Thanks-Cam

  19. freedomfighter213

    What exactly do u do for a living, good sir? office? r u a video editor? 🙂

  20. JThomberlake

    Dave Dugdale is my hero! And to think it’s always been natural light! I’ve tried so many lighting setups to copy that look! Thanks for finally revealing Dave! Look forward to the rendering vid.

  21. GtrQc

    2.3 or 2.8 ?

  22. glennwih

    Very weak. Just go away into a corner and cry.

  23. particlelight

    Um, this is not describing a hair light? English not your first language?

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