My Biggest Monster Tyee Salmon Ever trolling downrigger


Bill Gygax and Myself left Salty’s bait shop after paying launch and Sausilito at aproximaately 6:45 for Duzberry Reef which was a super smooth run to Duz. The day is starting right and what I’m looking for is a big slug. We had our minds set that we were absolutely not going to stop until we got to the Duz can…Unless we go by a boat with a double hookup going…Chuckle. We saw party boats stopping 2 miles short but we kept on to Duz. Heard about some fish and We were running double FBR setups which is a standard FBR with anchovy on the main rig and a FBR slider on the dropper rig. I was running one green mini red/green light on the bottom Green FBR with standard sleeve and mustad 95160 stainless steel hook and up front was a 1/1/2 oz keel sinker with a one anchovy home made dragless flasher. The dropper rig was fitted with a 12 inch 50# test P-Line leader with beadchain and a 80 pound test dacron uniknot slider to control hook to tail length. The hook was a tricked out 3/0 red Vision hook with the tip slight bend out and fitted with a quick strike kick up shank whisker. It basically makes a single barbless J hook to strike like a treble hook. Caught some rock fish and another little fish and finally hooked into a monster 44.05 as weighted in at Salty’s Tackle by (Vickie) It was my best salmon ever at it put up a noble fight. The report is one big 44.05 pound salmon caught on a Green FBR at 55 feet on the wire 1/4 mile south east of the can. Tofind out about other
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  1. kaluevue

    Puts a smile on every fishermens face when you hear that sound.. even when it’s not yours, great catch guys.

  2. wreckingball28

    ther’e a king fo ya. looks like lake michigan.

  3. Mads0609

    Thats a nice fish ! Not like mine 😉

  4. svenni2

    i fish for thos fish just in the rivers 🙂 had a cupel of big ones on 🙂 tho its more cchanse of locing em there 🙂

  5. etaAlaska

    nice one! thats what we hope for everytime we pull out a fishing pole!

  6. shinigarmour

    tht drag was smokin!

  7. bjour0

    i kept my breath till you cought it:O

  8. blueshadow1996

    nice FBR,,

  9. bluelanger

    where do you find ths tackle?

  10. bluelanger

    Where do you find these FBR witht he hook like on the video? I live around Longview, Wa.

  11. handydude6

    That’s incredible. Biggest fish I ever caught was a 16 lb Stripper in Antioch. I have to go ocean fishing… SF is close and so is Monterey.

  12. mrsockeye

    Hey that one was mine. I was supposed to catch him in the Sacramento River

  13. salmonvivor

    You always remember the big one..Totally different from the 10-25 pounders. The big salmon do what they please and when you are finally successful you know you have done something you will never forget. Congrats on your big one. Good fishing and stay safe. Bill

  14. eldabin

    nice!! i miss salmon fishing… i went about 3 years ago just outside of victoria, bc and caught a 48 pounder… this brings back some good memories

  15. salmonvivor

    Is this the worlds famous Canadian fishing guide “Jonesy” that I got a e-mail from a couple years back on how great the FBR™ were working for you. If it is please stay in touch and let me know where you are fishing and how you are doing. I certainly wish you a great upcoming season and thanks for the kind comments on the FBR™ killing the salmon in BC. Bill

  16. HakaiTube

    Hey Jim, great to see your videos here and congratulations on that slab! The FBR strikes again, eh? All you Canadian guys watching this, I tried the FBR personally on the central coast and the results were the same, sometimes being just the ticket when they weren’t going for the cut-pugs. Best part is that you can leave the skateboards at home! “Jonesy”

  17. fish1325

    thank for the abvice now i can get some bigger fish i have only get 15 to 16 pound fish but now i can get a 20 or even a 30 pound
    thank you and good luck on your next fishing trip.

  18. salmonvivor

    I use 5-7 inch anchovy inserted into a FBR™ trolling rig for most salmon and late in the fall when the really big salmon stack up off of San Francisco getting ready to migrate up the Sacramento River I use blue label Herring 7-9 inches inserted into a FBR™ herring size rig.
    These rigs are really good with salmon. Thanks for asking.

  19. fish1325

    what is the best bait for salmon fishing.

  20. salmonvivor

    Krirre…….20 kg

    chato408…….I really like chasing the big salmon at the Hog Farm in Monterey in April and the big sluggo salmon in September, October and early November at Duxbury buoy. Just the excitement of a chance at one of those slugs is worth the trip.

  21. Chato408

    NIce Slug. Duxbury got them bigguns

  22. krirre

    44 pounds? kg pls..

  23. DOAdoctor

    Is that a Torsa or a Tiagra? I can tell its one or the other by the handle

  24. kyle92018

    Big fish but Canada got bigger ones 🙂

  25. salmonvivor

    It seems unprofessional, but I deliberatively left the clicker on so that viewers of the video could tell when there is line movement in or out. Thanks for your response.

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