MW3 Weapon Mask Green Screen Pack


Hey guys, This free editing pack includes mask of 10 popular weapons from Modern Warfare 3, ready to chroma key in Sony Vegas or other video editing software. Guns include: – Type 95 – M4A1 – ACR – Scar-L – MSR – L118A – Striker – AA-12 – P90 – PP90-M1 10 Likes and I will do a tutorial on how to create these yourself. But for now here is the download link to these weapon masks. Music: Artist – LTR Song – Materialism YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: SOUNDCLOUD: REVERBNATION:

  1. TheG1ngaN1nga

    yeah its for an ediitng contest and i am in dire need of it, :/ I actually just finished watching that tutorial, however i do not have any sort of a pvr 🙁

  2. bamslambamHD

    Thankyou, unfortunately there really isn’t any on Youtube with gold camo that you can use instead. I have a tutorial on my channel on how to make the masks if you can record.

  3. TheG1ngaN1nga

    Brilliant job, perfect for what I needed expect I need the msr gold 🙁 thanks anyway!

  4. cenkinstein

    I know, but twixtor doesnt look as good. Ok, thanks

  5. bamslambamHD

    You could twixtor it, I’m not going to do the slow reloads for all the weapons now. Maybe later

  6. cenkinstein

    Maybe if you have the normal speed reload and then slow reloads in theatre at like 0.2?? 🙂

  7. bamslambamHD

    I’m making a full pack with all weapons with switching, aiming, shooting and reloading at the moment.

  8. cenkinstein

    wow, do you have reloads of these guns?

  9. ProZayScious

    😀 will do

  10. bamslambamHD

    Glad it helped, send me a link when your video is done so I can have a look 😀

  11. ProZayScious

    not only is this exactly what i neede, but its perfect!! i needed the MSR right when he pulls up the gun epic thank you! i will cred you in the desc.

  12. UCAudio


  13. bamslambamHD

    Yeah, it is definately famous now, but this pack was made only a couple of weeks after the release of the game. I am making a pack with all the weapons in the game starting next week.

  14. itsQuickkNinja

    so mp7 isn’t famous? 🙁

  15. TopMediaGraphics

    That is a nice intro you have there:)

  16. joneseeeeeable

    Supose pretty good

  17. WhatsMercy

    Can you do one with a AS50 autum

  18. dreden2000

    can u do a barret 50 ca.

  19. dreden2000

    yo i was watching this and i didnt notice u commented lol!

  20. AllPurposeGamingHD

    not sure what the chances of you reading this are, but i was wondering if you could make 3 masks. one with the msr, one with the barret, and one with the L118A. only thing is i would like there to be no gillie suit hands, so like where you can see the gillie suit if you could have regular smg hands…. if you could do this ill make like a shitload of edits for you….

  21. bamslambamHD

    Possibly, I am not completely sure what you mean. Check your pm, I will message you.

  22. AfterEffectsFacil

    Can you make some Call Of Duty MW muzzle flashes? PLEASE! Answer me if you do or if you read me! :D I’ll Sub!

  23. bamslambamHD

    😀 No worries

  24. sniperxxindustries0

    thx soo much man

  25. TheActionBacon

    OMG THANKS SO MUCH c: you aree such a nice person (:

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