MW3 Spawn Snipe – 07 – Resistance (Modern Warfare ® 3 Tutorial)


QuickJap ED: Elite Division: This is my @ series ed_quickjap show you the fastest way of death in the types of games such as Defender of demolition, Search & Destroy, domination and Equipment. get this episode shows how to obtain blood for the first time in the resistance. ED trick shot of EP3 QuickJap ————————————— ——————————— ED Facebook Tags: “Black Ops” Bloopers Reel Ep Comment 1 Best ED emphasizes competitive QuickJap main tactic Sony Vegas After Effects Introduction Design yt: quality = high Machinima Respawn ED_OracleZz ED_Zippa Jordan Zippa FLUX Oracle Quick Jap optical Whizeh exile smoked Fongerz Abex Abe DMG “ED QuickJap” Trick Shots GAM Gaam Synergy Dawg Maca Marvel CRYPT Blakee TB Mjc Faabz Buck Buckeh Mint Torq Rapier OSAM Mezy Nom This video will show you how to get the first blood this video will show you how to kill seed MW3 This video shows you how to display the video with the sniping MSR spawn spot
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  1. wereonabridgecharley

    Only MW3: A shot in the corner, kill kill shot in the shin, a hand shot kills, but not a shot in the chest. It takes one shot kill caliber .308, but takes 3 Desert Eagle .50 caliber bullets. A throwing knife on his finger kills instantly, but a 5.56 mm NATO, not the face. Only the head is visible, receives a hitmarker. Put a guy with Semtex, 20 ASSIST. Ask the guys hitmarker land in a foot, killed lands 20 meters away from me. It has 4 bars, after. Finished, put back in the same game.

  2. MINECRAFTnAhalf

    Oh wait, 12:39

  3. MINECRAFTnAhalf

    Twelve and forty-nine “You just want to jump from this bridge” LOL

  4. AndrewsGamertag

    Oh, my God, you missed a good super in SND. If you spawn on the defensive side, run to the parking lot entrance, and there is a metal door with bars on the top. If you just look through the bars, you can see all the way back to their breeding. Is directly in the passage leading to this point home that all bearings in.

  5. AndrewsGamertag

    Oh, my God, you missed a good super in SND.

  6. BlueFalconIGS

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  7. ryulovesyou

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  8. CaptainCurly100

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  14. jellehtje

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  15. jellehtje

    I know some spawn points that are useful, but the spots can be seen are nice

  16. Avroegop

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