MVP Media offers video production services for EPlace Solutions Inc., Purple Patch Services LLC, and productions of Ture


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Fresno, CA (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

MVP Media, a video production company based in Fresno, California, recently produced corporate videos EPlace Solutions, Inc., Purple Patch Services LLC, and productions of Ture . MVP media, provided the video production services for each client and their unique audience and projects are needed. The three different videos that promote protection against risk and prevention service, a software company and a private school.

Media MVP was involved in all aspects of the process when creating a video to an online service that the risk management solutions EPlace offers a large insurance company in the United States supports. MVP Media created the concept for the video, the script developed with insurance EPlace officers, Inc. and Elise Randall Krause, created scripts for the video, casting talent, and recorded the video. MVP media edited video, motion graphics, creates integrated compositing and visual effects of licensed music.


Solutions, Inc. Media MVP hired to create the video to clients. EPlace Solutions, Inc. is a company, online tools, legal briefs, forms of compliance, training and expert guidance to help clients provide for the implementation of strategies to reduce your risk. “We believe the video is stellar,” said Randall Krause, Esq., CEO EPlace Solutions, Inc.

Purple Patch Services LLC hired to shoot and edit a promotional video for a Media MVP insurance technology leader is launching a series cloud-based SaaS product. Explanation for the video settings and turned on a Media MVP green screen backdrop for chroma-key images of talent, products and services provided by the company to shoot. Media MVP then edited the material and the software used to introduce the green screen background and composed in the background and pictures of Purple Patch Services LLC developed. Purple Patch Services LLC works with technology products and services company and interesting stories to convince them to help create an audience. Purple Patch Services LLC is based in Sunnyvale, California.

“Working with Media MVP was a great experience,” says Anu Mullapudi, Director of Client Services for services run. “They were on top of things, time and obviously knew his business, as the shoot was with our customers safely, on time and without incident. MVP means responds with joy and diligence. We will definitely the next time around it. “


MVP Productions hired director of media services for interviews and photo sessions, which are used to create a promotional video of the King’s Academy, a Christ-centered College School of preparation for grades 6-12 are can create in Sunnyvale, CA. MVP media made available cameras, lenses, lighting, Dolly slider and a shoulder mount, a cinematic look and feel for the photos of crafts. Ture Productions is located in San Francisco, California and specializing in documentaries, video and digital art. “Media MVP is an absolute pleasure to work with him,” said Naomi Ture, executive producer and founder of Ture Productions. “MVP Media produces brilliant results every time, that magic balance between technique and style.”

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MVP Media is an innovative high-definition production company that specializes in creating commercials, corporate videos, narrative films, videographers, real estate video, and music videos. MVP media is in Fresno, California, and offers video production and editing, the director of photography, motion graphics, visual effects and videography services throughout the Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, California and the metropolitan area .

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