Music fundamental editing in Right after Effects


Sometimes is faster for get a court music fast in AE, instead of make jump to another application. Here’s a guide on the use of markers and basic editing functions to create an easy process. Please do not post comments like this better in the “Application X Audio”. I was a ProTools engineer for several years, so I know that AE is not a strong audio editing program. This has worked for the informal. The full version at:
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View videos: in the video what A Teach an operating system to make your own videos and 3D films, After Effects using some very simple steps and.
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  1. NowlearnJapanese

    I think he said. “I have a song in After Effect, and can not be edited song wanted So please help me” I’m sure you know, he found the answer to that. but still. = P

  2. zaphod beeblebrox
    zaphod beeblebrox05-30-2012

    Located in the Project window, click: Import File, select the audio file drag files from the project window of the timeline. Turn open the “wave” line.

  3. graymachinedotcom

    @ PowdErrPowErr fun way to ask a question. To import audio, go to File> Import. To display the signal, simply rotate the layer to reveal open audio waveform.

  4. PowdErrPowErr

    FAILURE # 1 – We were never told how to open the audio file and view waveform in After Effects. Please let us know.

  5. CookiezzOnCrack

    Only mentioned two different compositions edited and unedited.

  6. Ekhymosis

    As shown in the “editing” panel?

  7. SsKSniper2

    hes asking how he came to the editor in After Effects

  8. A370NoScope

    How do I change the volume of a clip

  9. thejhackermodder

    love the song

  10. XeoNSiiNz

    The important thing is the key to the score?

  11. EpicDuckMedia

    No, do it for some reason. You can hear if> go >>>>> composition preview audio preview

  12. umkjamal


  13. graymachinedotcom

    Yes, I have no idea what you are asking.

  14. madaobro

    I have the song in its effects to the song and I can not want to help me cope with

  15. ComplicatedKiller

    I think, make this the scoreboard with numeric keypad, but as for a laptop / MacBook I have no idea how to put this :/

  16. ghettoqueue

    Mine does not produce sound after import. Is there something I did wrong?

  17. xLaplaya

    how you want the marker?

  18. tylikesbmx

    Not sure if someone says that it is not, but his name “Hairy” by Frank;

  19. skyer2000

    If I had to guess the song is called “When I’m Ninety-Nine”

  20. hgc93

    You have to say, how to put music on this aspect edition -. –

  21. Jakob2496

    Thumbs up if the first thing I had to read this page gaymachinedotcom – OFC hate not less than 3

  22. kasparmonberg

    “Shift + Ctrl + D” – was short for me 😉 I looked good tutorial, thanks!

  23. Makikaltio

    Maybe he was making of herself 😉

  24. graymachinedotcom

    No, I can do. I do not own the copyright to it. It had been a commercial project I did, and music provided by the Agency.

  25. RobDavisMovies

    Can you please download the song? I can not be everywhere and is perfect for a project I’m working: ‘(

  26. Gaston2071

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  27. mecal256

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  28. josskeller2012

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  29. ClanApocaliptico

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  30. locote92chilango

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  37. djleonardin

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  47. MARCEAK47

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  49. 0203roberth

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  50. rodrigomontesmorgado

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