MuseScore in ten Simple Methods: Element 9 drum parts


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> MuseScore in 10 Easy Steps: Part 9 drum parts – eBook available now. The ninth in a series of 10 video tutorials showing how to use freeware MuseScore notation. MuseScore is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and can Video transcript of this video available for download licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License. Katie Wardrobe

  1. Taylor Bray
    Taylor Bray07-16-2012

    I try really a bad question to write a concerto for percussion, 1, 2, 3 pieces. Do not know how exactly. If I have a template, the Concert Band is a “drum” part appears by magic, but I need more than one! And I would say that a part of everything we do as a bass drum, crash cymbals, drums, glockenspiel, etc. is very disorganized and unprofessional. Not to mention it would be a pain for the drummer of 15 different parts, I know, it read. Explain please! :/

  2. vincentw00t

    Is it possible to show, ghost notes?

  3. richbonner93

    I am an aspiring metal drummer and I wonder how I can add new instructions for the battery. Is it possible to have these new notes to the new sounds? is the reason why, because I have a lot of drums and tanks for my team and I’d rather have a certain tone and sound for each part of my team. I would greatly appreciate and thank you all for your helpful videos :).

  4. fodds

    Sorry, but I find the record of the percussion parts in MuseScore very frustrating when compared to other instruments of the notation. For this tutorial, please explain why you go to 2 voice channels for the drum, but not add to the battery. MuseScore seems to have a life of their own voices when it comes to drum parts. Why not have a way to play drum in MuseScore click on each new note will be added to replace existing model no attempt is supposed to?

  5. TheLostprophetzz

    I am writing a drumset part and I can add a bass note to an e-uh or without a note of it. Does anyone know how I can fix my problem?

  6. topkid1988

    In an attempt to write a music box, but the snare drum just can not seem to be able to identify more quickly than a quarter to play?

  7. rubiksdude555

    Rolls? The tremolo is me!

  8. techmanaus

    If that happens to me, I had a bar in the notes of the instrument panel that wanted to vote in strength. Then seemed to work.

  9. DemonOfLaziness

    I did what you said and it works pretty well, but when I touch, every sound very choppy. It does not sound as natural as the sound in the video. How I can fix this?

  10. BassicStorm

    please help with articulattions and ornaments!

  11. jayhow92

    You must click on the measure, then press the “N” key. I just thought that. The notes appear. Hope this helps

  12. superturtle32796

    You can write, marching snare drum parts? with things like Diddles and union?

  13. rikusjoh

    I tried what you said, but still not working. (Option 2) Do not use option 1 because I do not want two separate staves What I did was:. A new box and have to work 5 rows. I tried various voices, but does not work. But yes, my fault xD probiably. (There is no video of this type of music notation?) Thank you

  14. MuseScoreHowTo

    Sorry for the delay – in the window Instruments (i click to open), there are some options, body percussion (hitting, slapping, fast fingers, etc.) in the rhythm section with no pitch. The choice of a single line will prevent the drums. You can set the second part in a separate staff and two bars can be read by a player.

  15. MuseScoreHowTo

    Sorry for the delay! You can do two things: 1 to note the two parts on two staves independent (ie, establish a drum part and a woodcut part). Each has its own unique line wooden church. The player can read both systems at once. Second you could do the same (look for voices in the online manual) to avoid the two instruments, but in a separate vote. Keep online votes and ensure a voice in the tribes always present and shows Voice 2 is always down. Option 1 is probably the best, although

  16. cutiepiepuffy

    I want a piece of writing include the stomping, clapping, etc.. I can not find the correct symbol anywhere! want to do what the international financial institutions play a note on the top of the blows? Is there a solution?

  17. rikusjoh

    I want to write @ Musescorehowto a snare drum with music. But like a drum part with woodcuts can at the same pace, without the note are on top of each? Greetz from Holland.

  18. ShelterDogs

    “Ordered that the use of my teachers.” LoL. Man, if you or someone paid to these teachers must be able to decide what you want. Another program which is like, then put. Teachers recommend a lot of things … I learned this from experience. But you should not receive or do anything, they say. You should follow along with the material he / she gives you … But when it comes to things like the purchase of equipment is, you have a choice.

  19. StaticOnUrFrequency

    I see the line, but there is nothing on the drums … What should I do? O.O

  20. mdinka

    thx for the quick response. It would be nice, but if you really could loop over the pace. For example, I know that with a clave rhythm and a pattern of merengue has an ego, as it sounds and feels to experience. Paste would’n help, I want to beat all of a minute or more, as this means a lot of copy paste bar to listen. Maybe in the next version of MS? Joy.

  21. katiesw1

    Repeating slash character is only appearance ** correctly on the screen or a printed score. Not everything is game. If your drum patterns to play in the need for overall score, I would suggest copying and pasting in all bars.

  22. mdinka

    How I can loop a drum pattern over and over again? I clicked on the snooze button, but does not work somehow. As with V1.0

  23. deadkennedynow

    This really is not for nothing this program helps you shit. If I have not ordered the use of it to my teacher, I would use Finale Notepad

  24. ibowlverywell

    Hello, I wonder if the score of the guitar is able to show me find guitar tablature on the internet, because I have to pay for Guitar Tab but, if so, how I can look at Tab. Thanks

  25. jgarcia0264

    MuseScore I have about 3 months and I was hooked. And to be honest, the last 3 of which I have before I saw it like, just b / c the product is so awesome!

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