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New York, NY (PRWEB) July 31, 2012 announced today that more than 1.5 million clips of some of the images of leading the world are now available for research in the search page Stock Images redesigned. is the world’s leading source of stock footage research, providing instant access to millions of clips of detection and text records. While the exact number of clips on the site difficult to understand due to routine updates, partner, estimated that the total number of clips on the platform on a given day between 1.6 million and 1.8 million dollars.

users trust us to offer you the best content of the footage industry, said David Seevers, Director of Marketing Footage.nets. By partnering with some of the companies in the world’s most prestigious footage, including Getty Images, has footage of the Bank and CNN ImageSource Framepool grown dramatically in recent years to become one of the largest and most comprehensive databases online databases in the world, archive footage, and production resources efficiently.

Footage.nets property search engine returns results

relevant by the images of 40 major collections of the film, so that creative professionals to compare the contents of various collections, save time and find the best images. By offering both a growing collection of online screening clips and millions of detailed records of text provides researchers sequences maximum flexibility in how to discover and obtain the content of the movement.

redesigned user interface and enhanced search capabilities provide researchers with the tools necessary to fully utilize and manage its huge archive material database, working with images, results and communicate with content partners ‘s. They also help Footage.nets content partners presenting their collections of archival material from the community of world production.

is eager to discover creative professionals and world class access recordings dedicated. The large number of clips from screening platform allows now in its name, the world’s best footage in one place, and giving creative professionals the tools they need to deliver in order to discover the perfect shot.

About is the world’s leading online search engine for images and gives creative professionals the tools to discover and obtain the best motion content from top business areas images quickly and easily from a single location. In, researchers can search more than 40 collections of recordings at the same time, seeing more than 1.5 million clips to communicate instantly with our content partners and over 250,000 premium movie clips of values down loading.

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