Monster Hunter Tri – Armor and Skills Tutorial (Element 1)


While demonstrating all of the weapon types, I received a number of requests to explain armor, and how to activate different skills. During these videos I explain the basic functions for armor, and what you can do to make it more effective. I hope after watching this you’ll have a greater appreciation for the loadout you bring into battle. Have a good hunt!
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  1. flameager

    every armor is good for something leather armor for gathering alloy armor for setting up traps gobul armor for drinking potions faster etc.

  2. killerkarpenter

    Hi, u do really great hunter vids… Can u tell me if the power & armour charms, u can buy in the store are worth getting?

  3. necronomicon009

    I just started playing this game yesterday and I didn’t know this game was this intricate. I mean, I assumed the decorations just worked when you had them in your inventory. I didn’t know you had to attach them. Plus, I’ve been buying the more expensive armor not knowing the leather set was good too.

  4. SuperYoshi42

    thanks dude!!

  5. harrisshelton1

    you can get them by mining or by trading with ship captain

  6. lecolis

    ZENY? =D <3<3<3

  7. NyGMaNv80

    it depends because some low rank armors are better then high rank and some low rank armors are really usefel. you shouldnt sell ur equipment becaus it might com in handy

  8. xFlyCuts

    Should I keep all armour pieces I get? or should i sell my old set when i get a new one?
    If i keep them will they ever come in handy again though. i mean u have lagi and barioth armor do you ever need to switch to peco or ludroth armor?

  9. judesama1

    hey bro, great videos, have them all on my ipod, but i have a question. i am a noob, and i havent watched all your videos, but for skills like earplugs and all that, do you need to have them above 10 to work as well? and does this apply to all other skills as well that you need at least 10 points in that skill to work, and does it apply to all other monster hunter games, mainly mhp3rd? thank you so much and keep up the good work brother!!!

  10. RaiCoss

    Aren’t you the adrenaline sleepbomb guy?

  11. SavedByGODsGrace777

    I’m new to the monster hunter series and I learned a lot from this. Hopefully I can have an easier time fighting now. 😛

  12. hayabusafmw

    where do you get your awuaglow jewel%

  13. batstarwars2

    Where do you get armor spheres?

  14. TheDarkKnightAssasin

    what armor do you reccomend at hr 50 beacause i only use rathalos low rank with high rank helm but nothing upgraded so what do you recomend?

    Accepting replys from other player plz messagge me

  15. TheGhoulian

    How exactly do you GET different kinds of armor? I’ve been playing tri for awhile and the only thing I can do is upgrade the first armor I bought. Maybe you mentioned this later in the vid? I dunno. I was skipping through and didn’t see anything.

  16. TheZobbleMuncher


  17. ItThatBetrays

    Ehy guys this is SocialDissonance also known as Shepard today i’m going to bore yuo to death with a video of one of the most boring games ever made and proving to you that i am pro.Other than that,have fun!

  18. XF4T4LSTR1K3X

    up until hr 40 i didnt care about those and know i am even better

  19. jimyjamyninjas

    y’know, i really think it has more to do with the weapon (in my case at least) because i tried and tried and tried about 7 times to solo a baroth with a spiral lance and i never managed it, but when i got a new switch axe (Rough Edge) with 702 attack then i killed it in 10 minuets with minimal damadge to myself! i had gobul chest and flauds, rathian helm and barroth vambs and legs from online play

  20. gobblegobble7

    Very well done, SocialDisonance. These videos have been incredibly helpful.

  21. thegrim450

    its funny you say… girl armor makes them look like strippers 😛

  22. gamingsfinest1

    PLEASE make a video explaining the difference between low rank and high rank!
    PS: love ur videos, ive watched almost every lets play and all ur tutorials.

  23. gamingsfinest1

    How do I get more areas for the fishery?

  24. CiceroProductionsIII

    @MsCatGunna you would understand if you were a male

  25. MsCatGunna

    Why is it that Males seem to choose a female avatar character for MH?

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