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mom: PHOTOS by Nora Canfield at the election of one or more lists here Subscribe to mom IMPORTANT INFORMATION HERE! We do a lot of artists, the requirement that the chroma key background, I think, because the import of video software, chroma key features available. With that said, if you are in the process of photographic works, to avoid many additional steps if you are subject to a session of light gray seamless background. Keep the dominant color neutrality is to eliminate the intrusion on the field. Green Screen Video Series # 8 Using the color palette for the removal of the mask. You can never know too many ways to make a good selection / mask to create! Here’s another way to add your e-skills tool bag! See No. 1 of this series can be found here: See # 2 of this series can be found here: See No. 3 of this series can be found here: See No. 4 of this series here: com See No. 5 of this series can be found here: See No. 6 in this series can be found here: See No. 7 of this series can be found here: . com See No. 9 in this series here: www. See YouTube # 10 in this series can be found here: You can download these demo images but please read and observe the copyright message in the pop-up window before clicking OK! Shortcuts Reduce / Enlarge Brush – Left / Right keys brackets [] Default Colors – Press letter d Switch / Exchange position of colors – Press letter x Toggle Hand tool – Press Spacebar and click. ..

  1. mirabilisrecords

    it saves me much time Thanks

  2. cyborgrj123

    I learned a lot! Great tutorial! As always!

  3. photoshopmama

    Thank you. And no, nothing has been deleted. This is part of a 10-part series.

  4. ernesto7677

    Do VIDEO Thanks once again time for this, not if this is the ONE is einZweiten variant above, I did not finish completely master the technique. But I think that had already been removed. You owe me take excellent pace softly PRONOUCIATION Highlite PERFECT, I would say quite easily that the mother tongue other than English NATIVE MAKES UNDERSANT ERNESTO7677

  5. raymoralesjr

    Clear voice. and I can understand what you say, thank you very much for your help.

  6. sallybergz

    Dear Mama.Yesterday times I pressed the wrong button and voted against his tutorial. It was my mistake and sorry for that.I did’t know how to undo what I did. Unfortunately, once again, the tutorials are large, kept in motion. They are the best.

  7. kmostudios

    Tutorial absolutely spotless … Thank you very much

  8. elliottwalsh

    good things.

  9. AnuarOsman808

    Thank you for these wonderful videos tutorials Mama Shan. These are the best I’ve seen. The instructions are clear and easily understood.

  10. MrKhan65

    Thanks for a great video.

  11. RogerHal

    Thank you very much

  12. photoshopmama

    Thanks to Barry, the more the better!

  13. bazzerb7003

    Your videos are awesome, have sent the link to rest my camera club. Thanks for all the support in using Photoshop, I think your website is also great Barry – England

  14. helenep10

    I need to see a couple of times, but you are the mother impressive. You are my fav tutorials on YouTube!

  15. 66gaea

    I like your work. The best Abobe program I can do with my round, Photoshop Elements 4.0 How much of what you are doing is possible with him? Thanks Matt

  16. jygen

    This is awesome, Mama Shout out of Panama!

  17. h3r321

    Simply download the file and that worked perfectly. Although the selections, it is hard to do, but now I can say that I can select the appropriate objects. I’dd to see how we made the image of your website with three rappers. It’s really great, it looks like a cartoon Szene.Dank: * Alex, Romania

  18. termodox

    Oh, did not know that thanks =)

  19. photoshopmama

    If you click the Learn more link on the right side, you see, I have listed all possible combinations of keys (scroll down once the expansion of the panel.

  20. termodox

    To brush enlarge click on? Please tell us if the links are used

  21. lolppp9

    so you can see my vines, how to win a free subscription, friend request, a fee of 5 stars in all ur vids more good reviews.

  22. photoshopmama

    Glad to hear and thanks for sharing.

  23. bjornthv

    I tried this with an “afro” hair of the extract, and it worked perfectly …

  24. gilderic

    Very interesting!

  25. PhotoshopDad

    Thank you .. PSmama I enjoyed with you all day .. 5/5

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