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Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 8, 2012

Want MissionIR SEFE, Inc., a company focused to highlight alternative energy development and marketing of aerostatic collection of atmospheric electricity. The goal is to enter the atmosphere and the type of economic importance and constant differential static there cheap conversion into usable electrical energy. The company is in the process of patenting several related technologies.

companys news yesterday,

SEFE, Inc. has announced the production of a short but inspiring video with Don Johnston, CEO and Director of Engineering Mike Hurowitz, says the company, revolutionary and unique strategies that affect the future of electricity generation on a global scale .

corporate video with images on the site can see http://sefe.missionir.com/sefe/corporate-video.html.

The idea behind the solution of green energy company from the 1920s. Today SEFE, Inc. is working progressively to advance this idea into a sustainable energy source and plentiful. If it’s just a bit of success that could have a significant impact not only in America but in the world, who in the video says Johnston.

SEFE, Inc. is working quickly to establish itself as a major player in the booming market green space, which is able to overcome is coal, nuclear and fossil. If we pull this current down constantly, which is a resource that is completely unexplored, no one does this, here we have a potential revolutionary, says Hurowitz

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