Mirror Box Impact Photoshop – Week 75


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Effect of mirror box in Photoshop - Week 75

the mirror box is a quick and easy it can be applied to all photos with very good results. For more information, check out my blog at gavtrain.blogspot.com
Video Rating: 4/5

Detailed instructions for replacing the LCD

, the Compaq Presario F700 series HP Pavilion dv6000 and the series of laptops. Important notes about how to organize the screws and small parts.
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. haru8058

    I do not speak English video Gavin Hoey video の を 参考 に し て ELEMENTS9-10 を た 作り まし た ありがとう ござい まし.登録 を さ せ て いただき まし た.

  2. TheTucsonJeff

    Gavin – great video! She made this easy and fun to learn!

  3. Lensdancer

    Thanks Gavin, you learn from your tutorials are a great Lehrer.Ich must try this for sure!

  4. KSLenihan

    Wow, that’s great – thanks!

  5. debbyfutrell

    Hi Gavin, This is great! I have a problem with the education of an image in Photoshop CS3, where there is a limit not disappeared. He said that at the top of the salt, the file name, image, then the percentage (Arboretum 013.jpg @ 16.7%). I am not able to convert and drag the page to use for the border. Do you have a solution for this? Please help!

  6. TeheRJ

    I see him come out (the box) instead of inward. : (

  7. erics1959

    love your stuff.Ps …. I have left the lighter side, as in the original image, the light came from the left and slightly behind.

  8. LeseneRoke

    He did nothing, just a mouse click away, as the image changes from one degree of angle

  9. lonelymeiam

    What is click on the box? You can not see the mouse at this point of 03:24

  10. lonelymeiam

    Super thanks

  11. rtsantos3781

    hey came to Clean Water Act because it would create a pocket calendar to CS2, I hope you can help me.

  12. j0angel

    Another video very well explained. Thank you very much.

  13. Furuly

    Well done friend, you are too big to explain it! Keep’em coming! 🙂

  14. IntegraPhotographics

    I get the same msg polktrader! WTF?

  15. mangoa2

    What a great idea! Thank you very much

  16. anniejlemay

    Nice presentation. Thanks for sharing.

  17. CuidarNuestroAmor1

    wow, that’s great! 🙂

  18. polktrader

    Am I missing something? I have copy of MU 4 layers. When I called the layer above the image to try and tie, could not be completed because your application source and target documents are the same. Can anyone help?

  19. ilovealaska

    EXCEPTIONAL! This is a great teacher!

  20. angelxsid

    Do not worry!

  21. snugbear2

    I love you, Gavin! You are a wonderful teacher. Sometimes I have problems with trying to figure out how to make Photoshop 7, what are you doing with you. What do you use, I’ll buy it, so I can keep up with you!

  22. mypeople2

    They are great .. For you it is much easier! Thank you!

  23. fmashqur

    Thanks to Gavin

  24. kooladonia

    Hi, I have Compaq Presario V3000. The LCD is broken. I was just at the thought of changing it. Is the same procedure as shown in the video? It seems a complicated process …

  25. RufusCarpenter34

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  26. Claudelva

    VERY util.sirvio mucho.gracias.Its works, thanks

  27. MistaaMckinney

    you can have a Presario CQ56-screen in a Presario cq57?

  28. Adrenaline91387

    My DV6000 has a hesitant and full of a burning smell coming from around where the fan. Do you think an easy fix or replace electrical, simply. Thanks for the info!

  29. simba7414

    So this has to go dv7 series?

  30. zettisanga

    I need the Wi-Fi antenna for v2000 installed, I install it?

  31. jarcomtech

    The basic concept is very similar to the substitution of parts for Compaq V2000. WiFi card for the V2000 to the bottom of the chassis is enough with his team-side-scroll down to access it. It is in the vicinity of the hard drive bay. Do not forget to remove the battery. Well, if you want to replace the antenna Wi-Fi, then you must remove the chassis and possibly the LCD cover, making them accessible to the Compaq CQ62 by bekommen.Wie, pls private message me .. I will help

  32. zettisanga

    Does it happen with Presario V2000 right? I have to install Wi-Fi antenna is the same procedure? Also CQ62, which is not very high, what should I do?

  33. nm4243


  34. jarcomtech

    my suggestions: 1. , Check whether you can have the screen on the external display. If you do then, two. Check if the LCD inverter or bad bulb. Please go to my other tutorial “how to make homemade onion or LCD inverter tester” 3rd. if you have to replace the liquid crystal light bulb then I have another tutorial that explains how a liquid crystal light bulb ersetzen.Nun my question: you are technical enough to carry this out, let me know if I can help more can be …

  35. nm4243

    I’ve been working Compaq Presario V3000 laptop, but will not display lighting,

  36. shay2biz

    What tools are used

  37. jarcomtech

    Compaq V3000 has a known problem in the video. We can adjust the flow of video chip, but in my experience, the agent is not permanent. You may want to change your motherboard with a good, good ventilation or heat sink on the video chip … On CQ40, could be the LCD screen to replace as needed. Can you please more details so I can help?

  38. sheniaaalexiss99

    I have a 2010 or 2011 computer, do u think I’d like to know how I can fix my screen?

  39. protonbart

    Never make a negative comment, but you know, definition, what it does, but the sound and video quality is brutal and the sound effects too.

  40. barretpaige14

    HP G61-511wm …. this is my laptop. The hinges are loose or something. the screen has “game” about an inch. and again fails. the base and the screen is that wrinkles are loose. Do not throw as yours, but I will not stay in one place and move and have a bunch of lazy “play” with about an inch in front of the articulation of friction. the out of warranty, so please help me!

  41. AlanRullezZ

    Well, the only thing I messed up, where everything will bolt, u can picture what size and color of anger scrwws are taking? THz

  42. Videowatcher198

    My laptop is CQ60-215DX Persario. How does this process work with the CQ60.

  43. hoiyeeanita

    Hiya, is your work with Presario V6000?

  44. Bazz1964

    Thanks for this video. That gave me confidence for my first attempt at repair of laptops. I printed a document on white paper with boxes for each area of ​​the laptop, and went to all the screws in the box, and made this an easy task thanks erledigen.Nochmals.

  45. statikrealm

    Thanks for the video of procedures. I’ve seen this before before the customer site work. Replace HP 6930p LCD. I did what I said screw placed carefully in a white sheet of paper and wrote notes in case I forget. For the first time to do this and it took me an hour and the customer is always Schritt.THANX much.

  46. TheRealSPK

    This work is a Pavilion dv7 17.3 in?

  47. banburybroadband

    this is not the dv6? Bezil front cover do not go together at the bottom of the screen, but it fits the rest of the screen Any ideas anyone?

  48. TheAuxjumper

    Compaq Presario dv2000/dv6000/dv9000 F500/v2000/v6000. MB chipset has a problem. The symptoms are not recognized and not the wireless video screen .. It is a problem plaque approved by HP .. Only companies create a program to replace MB of free space covers 1 year after the standard warranty has expired. These models, based on AMD is 95% lower (Enhanced service limited warranty.) They also have the Nvidia GPU, which is also a known issue. So based on Intel can not escape ..

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