MINISTRY laser show projector


Slovak Ministry

society. Laser projection show. Above the wall of water phase is in the back are laser, it is possible that the screen pictures and animation in the region. Wonderful!

  1. miamormia

    Want to see laser pulse SEESEE SHOW Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb.

  2. MrEllwood33

    What is the truth

  3. CurveXD


  4. MsGrannySmith

    In reality, not false

  5. retrodjgerrit

    This has the potential for lasers and p when its rays in audiances (quantity), ranging in energy project, so there is no risk of damage to the eyes of the people! You must select this option if you do a show … are there for you, you must first read the manual before lasertechnoligy damn world! Sign in!

  6. retrodjgerrit

    This has the potential for lasers and p when its rays in audiances (quantity), ranging in energy project, so there is no risk of damage to the eyes of the people!

  7. MrEllwood33


  8. fizzandfrazz

    probaly had a special kind of Lazer, which would be harmful to eyes

  9. JerryGiesler09

    Yes! It should not be invited to the next laser show, because it has remained well and lose precious time to watch the show. : (

  10. gobangloud

    To hell with that man standing allright. I hope he and his camera was blinded

  11. Quiquichu

    With a laser is a great responsibility. The lasers are safer in 300 mW, green is the preferred color because our eyes are brighter than other colors. I do not like to scan people’s eyes, I use my laser to scan or type on a screen or zeichnen.Ich hope that this information to help you. I suggest a laser RGB with no more than 300 mW per color so people scannen.Viel luck and God bless you, Henry (quiquichu) more …

  12. Quiquichu

    A beam of white (combination 3), when you put your hand on the forehead, feels an ardent enough, even if you move your hand in 2 seconds could imagine what it must do to the eyes. Scanning people rely on image size which divides the power per square centimeter, which is why shows the focused beam of individuals. Only displayed in his eyes when scanning, image size, time and put your Menge.Weiter laser power …

  13. Quiquichu

    I’m happy with my laser, which is similar to this video, I bought on eBay from China, total 40Kpps and 1.7 watts (800mW red, 500mW 400mW green and blue). This is very light to test it on a dark night, I can see a bit of radiation in the air and very little, as some very small movements in the shadows of the clouds (5,000 feet), is not like the concerts, which are like the power of 10W or more. With my laser for half an hour I burn the paint on my Küchenwand.Weiter …

  14. Quiquichu

    The laser images are made by points, how many points the best image at higher resolution of detail, but slower than the galvo are more flickering images, you can see the effect at the end of this video. You must have 40Kpps (40,000 points per second) galvos or more, a beautiful graphic or written indication has. For regular sampling effects can be as low 20Kpps.Weiter of …

  15. Quiquichu

    Well, folks, this is a small laser information for those who, like me, the crazy trying to figure out what to buy a laser reached: These lasers are used as RGB laser, laser 3-in red green and blue . Motors are the Galvo X / Y moving the laser reflectors, laser beams, which move very fast for the eye, creating the Entwürfe.Weiter …

  16. pmgodfrey

    Yes it is. Therefore we have to regulate in the United States, as they are very dangerous. These are all class IV laser. Immediately cause any damage. “TheSiolith” is false, even to look at each one for a second to the losses in terms of square centimeters of energy.

  17. TheSiolith

    It’s like the sun …. Look at it, and the fine, stare at your screwed …. Lasers are the same way. provided that is not your movement and lots of it and stared for a long time has not hurt ya =)

  18. coolaidkiller101

    probably only 100 mW and 1 mW at Lens in the amount

  19. djaka1125

    good show … What is the website I’m buying this type of laser? .. Thank you.

  20. TecnoVirtu

    I think they will with the help of special glasses


    my amp victory Milkdrop runs in my TV is more interesting than this

  22. EskimoEchelon30STM

    I want to see a laser show lolz xD

  23. EskimoEchelon30STM

    if you have taken a photo with a camera, get flashes n are the same points as laser lines = / worse? lolz xP

  24. deweydusk

    the awesome gal and dancing does not hurt

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