Mini DisplayPort to HDMI on a MacBook Pro 13 “(tutorial)


(New intro WAS Produced BY TECHTECHTUTORIALS) Link to your channel: This video show how to connect your Mini DisplayPort to HDMI on a Mac mini-monkey price tag DisplayPort to HDMI: HDMI Cables Mediabridge Twitter: As for us on Facebook: Video Rating: four/5

  1. KAYC777

    You can use a mini-display port for men (not women) HDMI. So do not buy this product, and an HDMI cable. That’s what I did.

  2. rvcrose

    Thanks for the video! It’s a great help!

  3. lukerock22now

    do u know how a single program, if your answer, please sign.

  4. bballplaya24x7

    I too have been provided or that works!

  5. s940867

    Great video, I began my work on the screen, but I was surprised that there is a possibility, the laptop screen is closed and keep it open while still connected to the HDMI cable to reduce overheating of the laptop during the game long? Right now I have two options, they become your laptop (in heating causes), or leave it open, keeping the two screens (laptop and monitor)? Any information would be appreciated, thanks.

  6. chongiuvoiu

    thank u for pointing out why you can not help recognizing clip audio.very

  7. AaVeck

    awesome video man. present very good!

  8. djozz805

    great vid really helped

  9. CRUSTY09

    Yes, at the option of going on your font-n television and select the correct HDMI input. Most TVs have 2 ports ports to verify that the HDMI cable is connected, and select that input.

  10. CRUSTY09

    All bases covered. Nice vid.

  11. Crdhockey24

    thanks for the video man. helped so much!

  12. BabiLocks

    I have my HDMI for $ 40! wtf?

  13. margarit67

    have had the TV to be on a particular channel?

  14. bosoxmoose

    Thanks for the video tutorial friend! I have work to finally get to my Vizio TV and MacBook Pro together. Keep doing your thing!

  15. DrewHockley95

    I tried to connect my MacBook Pro to my HDTV, but nothing happens, a standard desktop appears on television, but that’s it, all cables are connected properly, so I do

  16. 0xxxbrodyxxx0

    Just buy the cable too. n I have the same problem.

  17. ladykilla6

    Amazon has two wires in a bundle Dale fir less than $ 7

  18. SLBalletDancer

    This tutorial helped me a lot, but I have a problem. I can finally get the image on the TV, but it keeps flashing on and off, you see the computer screen, then black, then the computer screen ….. Could this be one of the cables? That double checked to make sure that everything should be in which engages and is nice and dicht.Jeder idea?

  19. yankolvich

    Could this mean that I could connect to the Xbox console is displayed on my Mac with the right software?

  20. georgerkao

    Thank you Lord for the video!

  21. kristenxx0

    this helped me a lot! sucks that my MacBook Pro was made in the last year, now I have to get something for audio. Blahhhh

  22. hibbs3

    Thank you friend!

  23. macuser907

    Great video. Are you aware of any way to darken the screen and you just use the HDTV as the display to watch a movie? The glossy screen is annoying when you see a movie on my HDTV. I have an iMac Core i3 2010 with a 40 “1080p HDTV as my secondary display. Any information would be great, thanks.

  24. rikaskate22

    What is the difference between cable Mini DisplayPort to VGA, and this, in terms of image and video quality.? Are there significant improvements from man VGA video to HDMI cable into the TV? Nice.

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