Minecraft Seeds 1.two.four! Villages, villages, and much more villages! [ALL Operating]


Hello Everybody! These are seeds for Minecraft 1.2.4 (Village seeds to be exact). All of these have been tested and work. I do not claim to have found these, but I am displaying them for the greater good of the Minecraft Community. Here are the ‘specifics’ of the seeds. They are listed as ordered in the video… 1. seed – Turn around and walk towards the pumpkins and there will be the village. There is a giant ravine at the back of the village right on the edge of the jungle, no blacksmith shops, but overall good location and good town. 2. -4710712215900548573 – DOUBLE VILLAGE. Turn around and walk into village. BLACKSMITH shop contains one diamond, iron “booties”, iron leggings, apple, seven(!) obsidian, and two bread. Lots of farmland in Village and many sexy villagers. Next to a Jungle. Mine underneath and a dungeon or two hidden in there. Next to that NPC Village is another one, without a Blacksmithy sadly. But it has more wheat and sexy NPC figurines. 3. -3674881552751852265 – Turn around again (getting freakin’ repetetive). There is a village right by a jungle, that is connected to a desert. Nothing too special, lots of house n’ stuff. 4. 4341915780038128816 – Turn around…*yawn* and go to the village. It is literally 1/3 of a village, but it does have a Smithy’s shop. The shop has iron “booties”, iron leggings, and two apples. It has some cool land formations to the left of the village, also it has a huge cave system underneath. Next to jungle too! 5

  1. Max Villagomez
    Max Villagomez07-03-2012

    try Seed:goodforak47u

  2. MrMrthebubble

    xbox edition does it work

  3. lucasistrolling

    This are videos i want to see more. Cool seeds + cool edits

  4. TheValcyria

    good seed to: Movie10

  5. fej23413

    in seed i caught a trapped npc

  6. HugoM416

    I`m Blue dabedi dabidam!

  7. fiestormable

    oh and the seed-seed village has an almost in accessible wheat farm

  8. fiestormable

    cordinates please?

  9. GoldenGamingLeague2


  10. VamperHax

    stop being blue xD

  11. SamJamProductionz


  12. TheMonkeyboy8888

    what are you talking about its minecraft

  13. Gerald Bryan
    Gerald Bryan07-03-2012

    Lol seed seed

  14. BarackObamasBro

    What programs did you use?

  15. ryanmotch


  16. booby hundra
    booby hundra07-03-2012

    Man this video helped me alot!! boobs rule

  17. HelloSIr59


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