Matte Painting – Following Effects Distribution “I Am Legend Spoof”


matte painting in Right after Effects and Cinema 4D. An additional VFX training check out VfxBro shows how to understand to modify and extend sentences with visual effects in Immediately after Effects and Cinema 4D. All effects are from the original video Share this video http taken, if you liked it! Special thanks to to sustain this film. Wacom Intuos4 Video Rating: four/five

  1. vandal2k6

    Why not come forward and move on.

  2. Theuarixua

    YOU F ***** G amazing ARR

  3. CBalassu

    What camera did you use? Thanks 🙂

  4. ThatGreekKid

    I feel so stupid.

  5. LegitModdingTV

    I like your setup looks like hell, but expensive XD

  6. Andratos95

    Well, but how can all these “effects of the ruins” in making Times Square?

  7. Matthew Wise
    Matthew Wise05-19-2012

    If your left hand is not purchased on the tablet will not be installed for left-handers. Software breaks. still resolve to wait for IT companies.

  8. darrenwouldgo

    Great videos of Canal +. Thank you.

  9. MrTaner24

    the programs you use holy dou …. his epic like this: D

  10. nayabrind77

    At 8:15, all the way to see the end of the road …. The motion tracking is terrible ….

  11. bigdmia

    very professional

  12. Skulkx

    Crashed thumbs up, if you saw lights flash just before the car 🙂

  13. benllben

    I wanted to do something about matte painting for a long time .. I think I could get into the act in order to achieve now that have been inspired by the video.

  14. Max16604

    at the station to see the blue lines of parking space in the finished video

  15. thevfxbro

    after cloning. I export it as theirs. TIFF Image

  16. OuchYea

    @ Thevfxbro once was looking like the pen movement, the effects of cloning remain in the same place when you move it like to link you followed?

  17. jointe92

    A simple question I’m very excited! I’m going to the “Times Square” effect to one of my school projects are nearing this month. And I wonder if we apply the projection map on the ground or if it’s just the building? In addition, you only need Cinema 4D layer compound provided with the image and apply a 2D camera movement in After Effects? I would really appreciate an answer! Love your finalcutking and stuff!

  18. thekapow

    They could have made the cars painted .. you have taken 5-10 minutes

  19. santinowilliams44

    how to remove the gray background of the cracks in Action Essentials 2?

  20. ThatGreekKid

    You are really deserves to be in the movie business. I mean, these effects are amazing. The time and effort you put into what you can not put love to be ignored.

  21. HDStudioss

    Ur bro ur not a professional ….. : P

  22. freakinmario

    Thanks for the video too … Can you please show us how they disappeared into the traffic intersection scene, especially in all the cars that are masked in motion …

  23. ShapeMediaGroup

    VFXbro Hey, just say if you know who has used this video and 7D 5DMKII use as an example. What serves to counteract the effect of eel? Avoid shooting in areas where small lines affect the image or make some kind of plugin or application?

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