Matryoshka [Dance Tutorial] – Portion 1



of tutorial — Q & A Element 1 — This is a guide to the “matryoshka” Dance (choreography 暴徒 ‘s), as amended by RayeXKiba, Nero Crimson, and requested TheChannelWonderful ILurvRamen . Video 1 includes [Part 1]. Video two includes [Element 2] [Part 3]. Video three consists of [Portion 4] [Part five] and [Part 6]. Each and every video in this tutorial is doubled, the band is proper on the wrist. This tutorial was sort of a discomfort to film and edit … Please use ~ orz properly. Also I have the version that I propose has been described (ie, shown a fraction of a dancer), so if you do so at the dance, with no division of choice, with an additional individual, or green-screening, I suggest you look暴徒 original dance (Bouto) for parts. In reality, I advise seeing the original dance anyway. ^ _ ^ Here is a link to my dance cover of this song: Hope this helps those who want to learn the dance ~. —– Often Asked Concerns (on the cover of dance) —– Q: Where is your hoodie? A: The same set. That was based on a white cloth with a permanent marker for the eyes and mouth, and utilised a drill on the fabric black to black spots about the eyes. All that was stuck on the plane, red jacket with hood and tail of Elmer’s school. I have a short introduction to my weblog: Q: How do you drop the bell? A: I attached a safety pin on each sides of the inside of the hood and then a Bobby …

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  1. forkshifter

    Anyone who did not like this video was pissy because they could dance. D: <

  2. xXAnnelieseMichelXx

    Thus, this study for the school talent show.

  3. nekoyinyang

    Thank you very much, thank you very much my friend and I tried to learn: D

  4. forkshifter

    This is the first time I have to study for anything. Even in school I did not study or praktizieren.Dies the first time for me would be oo

  5. forkshifter

    I thought there were two people as well. I wonder how he trains at the same time, as well, and did not know each other laugh. o.o so do not worry. He is not alone.

  6. forkshifter

    almost fell on my bed when I met him. almost hit the TV. almost too far back, not when blinked and was omitted. oh yeah. That will be fun either-or

  7. forkshifter

    I’m trying to make this happen in my bedroom with space’m thankless when I threw my arms in the air, not to hit the celing. (Celing soon) and t hen I felt like I was galloping .. The DX will take forever to take seriously God’s love oo. I’m trying. This day is one of the truly stand up and do it with video. . _. Long live the spring .. Gets me motivated ..

  8. xxGabbyWazHerexx

    Oh, my God. That will be difficult to learn, but ive got up to section 7 XP DEFINED IN

  9. TheLegendOfZeldaLu2

    Not many people can give a tutorial for a song as a very high rate … I can not deffantly

  10. PrussianPasta

    I will learn. No matter how hard it is. I. clock. Gonna. FRUKIN ‘. LEARN. IT.

  11. SilverRain112

    Whaaaa, therefore I am! This is amazing!

  12. oshityaitsme

    In one hour I did …… 21 seconds in the video! Fuck Yeah! xD

  13. chibigrunt

    Yes, I have like 3 minutes into it. But I have to prepare for class, now :/.

  14. Yumenezi

    You have until the end of Section 1, where he hit his foot behind your other foot.

  15. xXAi4EienXx

    Well, I think it would be fair enough, it was two Personen.XD

  16. treeheart143

    Impressive. I will learn from it! But man I suck …

  17. Tammylovessweets

    There is one person. Software was used to create a split screen

  18. Tammylovessweets

    How so? you stand there with their level of both hands to the head

  19. Yumenezi

    I guess I’m not just a couch potato

  20. 18Madison81

    I’m in one second.

  21. xXAi4EienXx

    You two are goddesses of dance.> W <3 3 <<

  22. mswolfgirl19

    I will do this! It is an objective now!

  23. RosyGirl97

    I’m really trying to do this. Maybe I can be one of my friends to do it with me, but if not, I goofed. xDDD Thank you!

  24. narwhalmasterz

    We were like omg that’s easy, then started the song

  25. firefly101dude

    It’s the same girl on each side xD She only uses the split screen for a person on each side.

  26. rockboyrecords2

    We thank the family

  27. st1only

    WOW! d that’s what’s up! Actually, I had the opportunity to be in one of these joints. I think it was my first time in a study of il never forget you learn a lot from just watching for the beet and today, haven “t seen anyone hit the MPC as u 2ooo child so ill, that oral administration a lot of beet you check out my friend was a ..

  28. SkyWalkerBeats

    Some good sources.

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