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so here it is. My own tutorial on how to mask in Sony Vegas Pro to give the illusion that there are multiple versions of himself in a video. Note that Sony Vegas 8 Pro, the software only software suite Sony Vegas 8, masking so if you’re not using Pro you will not be able to do this is supported. I ran into some problems with my video camera capture software to ruin the video. Basically what happened was the audio and video are not synchronized within a few minutes of each video, so basically what I did for the live action video, I had removed the sound and the video says. With the screenshot of where I am working in Sony Vegas, you will find that the sound is not well synchronized with the video. There are only a few seconds delay, however, I felt it was necessary to tell that part again. I hope this video is helpful to you Attempts / mask in Sony Vegas Pro clone. Feel free to publish their work as a video reply because I love to see what comes with them. If you have questions or suggestions, you can go below or send me a message on youtube and I’ll be happy to answer them. Again, I hope this video helpful to you. This is my first video tutorial so it’s not really something special. The next time you do not use my webcam to record video. If you have any other requests for tutorials, then let me know and I together something that is of better quality than this throw …

  1. DaveFrehley

    FreeHand is not an option, unfortunately. Simply insert the points closer together. You must create a lot of anchors to give the “freehand” look … But it’s the only way. I wish I had a drawing tool for creating freehand anchors.

  2. superwerdna1

    Anchoring the tool for creating inability to use! I can not draw freehand, for some reason. Can you help?

  3. DaveFrehley

    You’re welcome.

  4. samuel9822


  5. DaveFrehley

    It was, yes.

  6. tokkenme

    is that a Brazilian flag on the corner of the room?

  7. DaveFrehley

    I’m not sure what you mean. Can you give an example?

  8. silentraven37

    if I have the two clips to mask dont flowing smoothly, Am I doing something wrong? could not be of the quality of my video?

  9. DaveFrehley

    You are welcome. 🙂

  10. CRoadwarrior

    Thanks for the video.

  11. braveyard00

    So what is the composition of both?

  12. SimonsRandomChannel

    Ok, thanks for the tip 😉

  13. DaveFrehley

    This will be very difficult because I was around to mask the more accurate than that seen in the background perfectly. What I do instead, is his clone that occurs before filmed against a green screen instead. The problem is, however, you have to adjust the lighting of the clone in the background.

  14. SimonsRandomChannel

    Great! I will try soon, but what if I want my clone to go directly to the other?

  15. DaveFrehley

    Yes and no. This requires a more creative way to work. Have a few clones at once, and then add another and another, as you go. The easiest way would be just the green screen / blue each clone to be, but it is impossible to do only with the masking technique.


    this would work in a situation where I would say 5 or 6 clones?

  17. waferjuice

    man .. damn smooth

  18. plumfairyindian

    UGH That has never worked for me! Thanks anyway. I give up.

  19. bobtheperson084

    richw4 by observation. Title – richw4 split screen tutorial of Sony Vegas

  20. navaafi

    It was the preview, but I did and it was good, but thanks anyway

  21. DaveFrehley

    you’re talking about the preview? or make the final video?

  22. DaveFrehley

    If you do not have the “Pro” version of Sony Vegas, the masking function will not be there.

  23. DaveFrehley

    Thank you! 🙂 You have good taste.

  24. DaveFrehley

    You’re welcome.

  25. DaveFrehley

    Clear. Go for it. 🙂

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