Making use of Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (green screen, blue screen)



use the new Corel VideoStudio Pro X4, showing you how to Chroma Key (green screen, blue screen) Record, Stop Motion, etc. I’m more about the programs and video games to have dictatorial comentary Certainly the program is made for the sale is very simple to use and wonderful program and the extent of any video editing! is the effective, creative and easy to grab your video from, to show to shoot quickly. Quick to load, organize and trim SD or HD video clips. Cut along its production of creative templates and effects, music, titles, transitions, and more. Explore new export stop motion animations and time lapse tools, and then to 3D! It has everything needed for professional video editing. (It is a promotional video) How to Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (ghosting) How to Corel VideoStudio Pro X4 (Fire Effects) recently of video output from Corel The use of use. com (sold to Corel VideoStudio Pro X4) channel of cold

  1. xxKutieKatxx

    the video is going to have to work a green screen?

  2. kenshinz47

    Thanks to the men!

  3. stevedjr

    Thank you for making this video, it really helped me with the basics of Corel x4, and I think he has a great accent.

  4. wildlife447

    Good to see a video about Corel VideoStudio ProX4, I think it has problems when recording videos of stupid programs that consistently show a webcam image and want to let you capture that! It’s not what I want. If I can get behind this silly problem with the recording, I’m sure it will be better. Maybe just call them ….. I wonder what thay have a hotline, which is free, or ask for help?

  5. hernaldo14

    I used to take with my EasyCap program, but I was using a laptop and I could listen to me or other noises in the background and I was angry, I could not fix it and I found this and this is even more to my videos HD East program ROCK!

  6. johauHAU

    Thank you! I love you <3

  7. Prijanga

    wow, why these guys negative comments? : S @ Crazydubble thank you for this video helped me a lot 🙂

  8. Myl72

    I bet you do not have a boyfriend and never!

  9. Myl72

    or a child is expected

  10. Myl72

    u look GAY!

  11. Myl72

    Vioce sucks mate, at least make it through the program, your speech (Corel VideoStudio Pro Studeo x4) and you do not say if yours is the exception boque Language Countries.

  12. willhay555

    Great, almost, with chroma, thanks for taking the time to start creating the tutorial.

  13. predhunter50

    sorry mate, 1 GB of RAM is helping fuel the einzuschalten.Ich suffered the same problem, but the constant chatter and talk to my father, who finally bought my 10 GB of RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Core i7 PC you! impressive total, but it costs $ 6000 … lol

  14. pawangmuda

    hey u have a beautiful voice .. But what is it? His breathing is interrupted, this video tutorial .. anyway thanks for the video tutorial …. I think I’ll break this software instead of buying it ….

  15. winterx6

    I need help with Corel Video Studio Pro, the first Version.Bitte help 🙂

  16. FXTutorials100


  17. OfficialSykoSolja

    Does this work with Vista? I have only 1 GB of RAM and I can not find anything that works here and let me do in HD. So I have a full HD camera, and may even not use it!

  18. CrazyDubble

    lol lol and I just had my palate expander in his mouth, so it was hard to talk lol 🙂

  19. menotuism

    u have so much saliva in the mouth lol

  20. CrazyDubble

    Yes, it works, so you can go about 10% of 1000%, as a clip, the last 7:18 to rein in 1:16:02

  21. erlandson18

    Can slow-motion clips with this software? I do a lot of slow motion in my videos, so you need to make sure this software must be able to know that if he does not have, is slow to let you go?

  22. TheLurtzzzz

    You are so right brother, this is just a piece of shit, you can not see it as AVI or any other normal format sux

  23. TheCatboy2012

    Thank you!

  24. Datumpara

    Oh, thank you! You have my wonderful Friday! (:

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