Making Events in Google Calendar


Introduction to creating events in Google Calendars. You can use the Develop button, Rapid Add, add events to specific occasions and even create events from Gmail.

  1. cjmcqueengoogle

    If you cancel an event, it’s removed from the calendar. You could edit the event description and title to say, “canceled” or “moved to certain date”. It would be scannable to see what happened to an event in the past.

  2. maverickmic

    Could you cancel the event instead? The specific thing i’m after is the management of legal hearings so this element would be quite important thanks for your time

  3. cjmcqueengoogle

    As far as I know, there is no way to tell whether an event was deleted. It sounds like you’re trying to track a task for other users. You might look at Google Groups’ “assign” feature. It might work well for diary projects.

  4. maverickmic

    Does this give the provision to see things that were removed/deleted? I was thinking of using it for managing multiple peoples diaries and its useful to know meetings that were needed but removed

  5. plzdeletemyacct

    hello; i need to delete my account but Google is not letting me. please help me delete my account. thankyou

  6. jackferry2

    The new pastel colors for events are horrible! I’m literally getting nauseous from having them on my desktop! Why can’t we have real colors? You know, like the colors that are used in Google’s logo?

    I feel like rolling up a newspaper and smacking Google on the nose. “Bad Google, Bad!”

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