Magix Film Edit Pro Tutorial – Voice Over and Voice Altering


Yet an additional requested magix film edit pro tutorial. Hope you all take pleasure in this
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  1. princevicious24

    Thanks for the tips man, great stuff. Do you have a tutorial on picture in picture? When I record video games I like to talk it through so it would be cool to add a video in the bottom somewhere while talking about the video.

  2. kaffebjorn

    is it possible to speed up 10 times?

  3. Skavaen

    should be able to find it at magix dot com. They have the newer V18 out now and this was done with V15 so there are way more features plus 64 bit support with V18

  4. rterrero3

    Hey! Thanks for the Vid, I wanna make a video of me singing and then add some voices over it and I was wondering where can I get the Magix video editor you are using? How much it cost? a link or something, please, I will appreciate it!

  5. Skavaen

    MorphVOX by Screaming Bee

  6. ibza741

    do u know a software wer u just talk at it changes your voice aoutomatically

  7. brando8577

    coors is trout piss. cool video though.

  8. blakeandeggs

    okay i have movie edit pro 17 so how do i do a voice over so it looks like you can hear what i am thinking

  9. Skavaen

    it works for any audio

  10. nikos677

    This is only for voice or is and for videos?

  11. MarioGotLaid

    I’m learning so much.

    Can you show how to add transitions with Picture-in-Picture videos?

  12. midoridoll

    oke but thanks anyways 🙂

  13. Skavaen

    I have never played with sony vegas so I am not sure sorry.

  14. whole27

    okay so i have no experience at all with video editing, voice over, music editing, etc. I want to video tape various things and then do a voice over throughout the whole video and also add music softly in the background. I have Song Vegas Pro 9….how far will that get me? Do i need to buy additional software to do voice over and cutting and pasting music onto my edited videos?

  15. midoridoll

    thanks for the vid!
    he i have a question, i have magix music maker, wich i can use to for video’s.
    the thing is, i want to do a voice over on a serie but i don’t know how to cut out the original voice and to replace it with my voice. and, i want to keep the original sounds (like spasses and music thing) to be still there
    i hope you can help me out!

  16. Skavaen

    the new intro was done on the macbook. I literally just took the start of a trailer and used it. My old intro where the pictures slide in and then the northern life thing spins out…that was done on magix movie edit pro.

  17. ebony76

    Adam, your videos are awesome and have helped me out so much to get me started with magix edit pro! Did you do your intro with this software as well? Plan on doing a tutorial on that?  That would be much greatness!

    You rock!


  18. ThisIsDream

    alright thx i see diff more fade effect and a random transitions but no other options =D.

  19. Skavaen

    drag the first clip over the second clip and you will see an A/B thing appear…click on there and then chose the video transition you want to use.

  20. ThisIsDream

    Thank you Ok now i have another problem. How do you do Video transitions effect? I see everyone doing video, audio tuturial. On the top of the program, under the buttom Effect, there are only video, audio, title … effect but i dont see transtions effect, only see Fade out effect under effect libraries.

    There are many video transitions effect in window movie maker like spin out spin in slide up fan out shatter etc…

  21. Skavaen

    Plus comes with extras.  Check the difference between the two on the website. Plus obviously comes with more goodies I just don’t know what it comes with. I just bought pro.

  22. alexandertsp

    is there a difference with edit pro and edit pro plus? help wanna know before buying it..

  23. chazdaspazman

    kewl informative videos man, think i learned something 5***** =)mm chaz likes

  24. Skavaen

    to a cut at 1:00 and 1:10 and then grab the bar on the wave form and drag it up.

  25. ThisIsDream

    hi im sry im a noob, how do i make a the volume go up in a specific period of time? Like from 1:00 to 1:10 i want louder how do i do that?

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