Low key image on a low crucial price range


This is a 10 minute excerpt of the phototips podcast. the complete podcast and a ton of free stuff can be found at www.PhotoTips.biz In this episode we discus how to make a low key image on a low key budget

Andrew and Mark focus on lighting for Chroma Keying. For run-throughs on completing the green screen footage effect in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro, check out “Videomaker’s Green Screen Post Production” youtube.com Here’s another excellent resource: www.videomaker.com
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  1. GertyMum

    I love low-key but I have not done a lot at all but I did not do it all in camera either ps had a big role to play. I am over the moon to see this video so now I am going to give it a try. nice and clear to understand and very good explanations as well. GREAT! thank you

  2. PhotoClassPro

    Good Luck

  3. brisbanelucy

    That was brilliant …. I am rushing out to buy my 500 watt light bulb right now .. can’t wait to have a go!

  4. PhotoClassPro

    I think you missed the opening statements that said this was an excerpt of a podcast and if you wanted to see the entire things or all of the rest of them, to go to the website mentioned in the video and the description. Since it was an excerpt from a series that is subscribed to, then maybe that might make more sense to you.

  5. cameronstl

    Thanks for sharing… but one mistake that’s made by many people that create tutorials is… you assume the person viewing has seen a previous video… “if you remember from my previous video…” It would be helpful if each video taught us something individually, but could work as a part of a series of videos.

  6. tonyblade1000

    Really like your style man excellent video!

  7. a6km

    would you use a light meter to get the exposure values or an idea and then step down ?

  8. redman30034

    I will try this later and get back at ya. Good tips

  9. PhotoClassPro

    I have plenty.

  10. butters200922

    thank you so muchhh…i wouldloveto see more videos of diffeent lighting styles for low budget..

  11. francofollowsjackm

    I love it! Photography at its best. Improvisation.

  12. francofollowsjackm

    Haha this comment is 7 months old, but I hope I can still answer! Yes, they must be off. You’ll only want that continuous light source that he set up with the lamp and the dashboard reflector :D.

  13. wendybirdy1

    Awesome tutorial! You make it seem so easy! maybe a dumb question, but did you turn off the ceiling lights or not?

  14. Jeppovyse

    very resourceful and thank you very much.

  15. kadafwer

    Very simple, very good How To. Thanks.

  16. cherfrans


  17. coraraco

    Very nice! Thank you for sharing this great tip!

  18. criticaltinker


  19. inspyre5

    Thank you for sharing!

  20. www4gsus

    This was totally awesome and helpful to those of us just starting out. Thank you very much sir. Love your videos, keep them coming!!!

  21. MALITHA8

    Thanks myte.

  22. N6600

    man, awesome!!

  23. Pappusarkar

    Great Video,, There is lot to learn in a very easy and simple way in your video. Good Job Sir.

  24. iMagineThis1

    love your vids, taught me a lot that i know about cameras now 🙂

  25. Solomanrox

    You should have a big room because it won’t fit

  26. superemoboyz

    i just thought that!

  27. StiansNorskeNyheter

    please answer this , how do you set the camera setting for green screen. i have hf100 and when i shoot in p mode the background changes when i change position in the frame, so it is impossible to key out, please give me some advise. It may look like that the auto exposure is adjusting or something, how do i set the correct settings???

  28. aarongabbard

    My room isn’t big enough to stand 6 feet away, whats the best options to get great green screen do i just light the sides and use a dimmer light for my subject?

  29. tyraelhermosa

    I like your video.  You cover the basics very well. cheers!

  30. shurdi3

    can’t you use something to distort the light

  31. KateTiclb

    Do you need to marry here is the solution gettop5.info

  32. jujucaster

    You look like a mix between Brad Pit and Josh Harnett….thanks for the tutorial!

  33. videomaker

    This particular tip was done in the editing software and the effect you’re pointing out is pretty typical when using editing software keying tools. Feature films use higher end special effects software. We usually use Adobe After Effects for a much cleaner key…

  34. jook00

    the edges around his body are blurry. How do you get rid of this? I’ve noticed in a lot of movies, you don’t see this same blurriness. Is it the HD camera, is it the keying issue?

  35. greenscreeningthings

    Hi! I have a green screen and need some lighting. I have a budget of about $30. If you could tell me or send me some links that would be great! Thank you!

  36. greenscreeningthings

    one that I know works is actually just a blanket from ikea. 🙂 I know quite a few youtubers actually use it. One of them off the top of my head is iJustine. She does a lot of green screen effects and they look great! Sorry I can’t give you the exact url youtube wouldn’t post it then 🙁 But it is $12.99 called the “Lusy” blanket. One side is green the other is yellow. Go to ikea . com (sorry for the spaces, all one thing) and search yellow/green blanket. it should pop up 🙂

  37. cubsfan286

    yes. I do not have Cyberlink anymore, but I think I still know how to do it.
    After you film with Green Screen, drag the clip into the secondary film timeline, with the background in the primary. Edit the secondary film strip, and click chroma key. Select the green screen, and wa-la.

  38. videomaker

    Well, in this particular case, we used a paper roll (on a cardboard tube), so we simply stuck C-Stands into each end of the tube. Cheers.

  39. robertfschmidt


    Im in LA and would like to know what you used to attach your green screen to the metal frame? I already have a green screen and great 1 ¼ metal frame. I just need to know what is a quick and economic way to put the screen on the frame.



  40. thatssorandomtv

    yes im pretty sure.
    nothing wrong with trying it.

  41. 81818181nino

    is no perfect green screen why have cut the face

  42. presabra

    you don’t need to hook anything up you just film in front of it and then edit the background on a computer with an editing software.

  43. DiegoINSOMNIA

    thanks a lot for this video.. great.

  44. Xx4DUDE4xX

    i just need help on hooking up the camera to the green screen. pm me if you know! thx!

  45. hotwheels770

    what kind of camera did you use

  46. 23Ian1


  47. jlbelmont

    Where can I find a cheap Support Stand?

  48. SpacehotelMusic

    Good vid thanks. One thing I’m wondering though. As using just a KEY LIGHT can look quite harsh on the subject (compared to the full ‘3 light’ solution).. is it possible to use a fill light in the above scenario (total 4 lights) without ruining anything else? Would this fill light be as per ‘normal’ triple lighting solution?

    Lastly, would the backdrop light on the green screen act as an ‘ok’ back light on subject (back light normally pointing down on to subject)?

  49. 2BellProductions

    great vid! thanks guys

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