Low Expense Video Editing Suggestions 3, Traffic Background


A very primitive way to do a chroma key green screen footage scene that takes place inside a moving car. It is done while the car is standing still so lighting and noise can be controlled during the making of the video.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Chromakey with Photoshop green screen footage and blue screen sample
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Featureman

    You are welcome. Thanks for watching.

  2. Thecrazygamer2

    coolest old guy EVER!!!
    thanks for the tips

  3. Featureman

    Thank you.

  4. TheEchoback

    love this guy! funny and informative, dont see that much these days. Addtional tips would be to use keylight in after effects/shrink the mask and soften the edges so that the black marks around the nose and face would be removed. Also in key light, boost the black in matte so that the window doesnt have the black artifacts. Also some form of light ( i would use fractual) bouncing on his face for added realism. Also some camera shake depending on the background image such as going ova ramps

  5. Featureman

    I use Magix Pro 14. Magix now has newer editing software.

  6. stevieraybustamante

    I’ve been trying to find a way to get this effect on camera, what editing program are you using

  7. Featureman

    Thanks. It does work well if the weather cooperates. Have fun with yor project.

  8. shapeworkstudios1

    put sheets over the windows!!?? oh duh!!! i cant believe i didn’t think of that!!! i was going to try to actually put my greenscreen outside by a car!!! XD Thankyou!

  9. Featureman

    You are very welcome.

  10. TDMagicOnline

    Wow, this is great thanks for the tip, I’ve been trying to do this effect for a while now; this video really helps. God bless 🙂

  11. Featureman

    Thanks. Yes it could be done very well with a little more lighting inside and outside of the car.

  12. KobaineCityEnt

    WOW!! excellent tip….with a lot of tweeking this could come across absolutely perfect…Nice!!!

  13. Featureman


  14. ZabraFilms

    Ur 71?, im 17 and have actually learned alot from these vids. Keep up the good work man!

  15. Featureman

    Thanks. It is just posterboard with no lighting. I have a similar effect in Carolina in the Morning that looks better.

  16. Beccayoualreadyknow

    were you using green paper or an actual greenscreen cause wahtever it was, it turned out pretty great!

  17. MrNightWork

    nice man keep up the good work!

  18. Featureman

    Thanks. I am 71.

  19. MrNightWork

    How old are you? Dont want to sound rude.. But holy shit its great to see someone of your age doing this kind of suff… shows that theres no limits.. good work man

  20. Featureman

    I use the Magix Pro 14 Plus which does a lot of different things. The main advantage it has over other software in the low cost field is Magix has almost unlimited tracks. each track can be a video or audio or special effect or narration or title. I can do a video in each corner plus several sound tracks and titles at the same time. Thanks.

  21. Featureman

    You are welcome. Thank you.

  22. MrElchalo

    thanks for some good ideas.

  23. Featureman

    Thank you. I will keep doing them.

  24. Featureman

    Hi. Thanks. I think my very first video was a green screen how to with the basics. Maybe it was my second video. Each software’s green screen or blue screen or chroma key works differently. Just think of any green color in your video as being transparent and the other video shows through. I will do more. Thanks again.

  25. jokkepus

    u got great videos:D keep em up!

  26. niranpaudyal

    Tell me, is the picture of the woman, in any way, rude?!

  27. gothmaniow

    i went to that site and it does not exist??? why ?? i really wanted to have a go at this bluescreen lark…!!! :(

  28. dasoeco

    Is that the full version?

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