Lightsabers in HitFilm


We take a appear at creating classic lightswords making use of HitFilm. Locate out far more:
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  1. FXhomeHitFilm

    The prop is just a guide for the animation, it’s not integral to the effect itself.

  2. wiitrolll

    do u think u guys could do this without having anything in their hands. make it from scratch

  3. FXhomeHitFilm

    That’s a very interesting idea! Will definitely have to give that a go. As you can adjust the lightning effect’s start and end widths separately, you should be able to handle motion blur on a fast moving saber using that technique.

  4. TiburonFilmStudios

    I had an idea after watching your ‘laser bolt’ tutorial. If you track the top and bottom of the lightsaber and add two points to it. Could you not then just use the lightning effect and set all the trunks and jitters settings to 1 and 0. Then have the star point parented to one of the points and the end point parented to the other? Then you can adjust the width, glow and colour of the saber easily inside the lightning effect. Then there would be less need for manual animation.

  5. BuckBrotherStudios

    Here is a problem I got the trial but I cant use it because when ever I go to new project it says
    Your video card dose not have enough memory to support so and so resolution please lower the resolution.
    Now I know this is not right because I have a editor that can take HD and I tried lowering the resolution and it still says it all the way to 240
    Please Help

  6. MrLaxdude89

    seems so much more complicated than compositelab and effectslab pro, i may get this once i watch some tutorials but still keep both of my old ones

  7. FXhomeHitFilm

    HitFilm gives you vastly more control and power over your effects, and these techniques aren’t specific to making lightsabers. However, once you’ve made your plane and added the neon glow effect the technique is very similar to the old VisionLab technique.

  8. supersaiyankyuubi

    why did you guys make it so complex? in visionlab all you did was drag the laser effect on to your blade and keep it there and you were done

  9. AlternatipYapim

    But when?

  10. FXhomeHitFilm

    Rotoscoping is a fairly standard technique for lightsaber effects.

    Expression-based lightsabers, like Andrew Kramer’s technique, are very cool, and something we’ll definitely be looking into in the future. Expressions are absolutely on our to-do list.

  11. LegoEinstien

    its like that for me too…. but I’m using the Hitfilm Ultimate demo… is that why?

  12. AlternatipYapim

    We need more complex tutorial about lightswords…. Please…

  13. Genixel

    I did this almost a year ago but using Final Cut Express.

    I didn’t really understand much about keyframing or anything to do with VFX really…actually, I barely knew anything technical…I just knew how to cut and apply vignette.

    Anyway it looked really crap, it was wobbling about. I blamed the fact that I didn’t do every frame and only went like every 3 frames…but the one you did looked just fine. Meh.

    Some people use a still image (Of a glowing bar) and just rotate it instead of mask.

  14. AlternatipYapim

    Can you tell me how can we make more realistic lightsaber effect? I want effects like in your lightsabers video(which one inclueded original footage and compositing&effects in hitfilm)…. How can we add that shiny things in where lighsabers energy start or how can we make a rounded end? (sorry for my english, thanks for the help)

  15. LegoEinstien

    can i do this with motion tracking as well?? or no

  16. MrJedijunkie

    I like the tutorial, I am still learning with the new demo download, I still have my first demo download on effects lab and have fun with it, I am now having to learn a whole new way of doing my Lightsabers and it seems to be more work to making them then effects lab, I am wondering how does the new hitfilm compare to Adobe After Effects?

  17. floopoo27

    How would you make the sound of the light saber?

  18. bozzboy187

    Awesome video!!! Thnx!!!

  19. FXhomeHitFilm

    Do masks work on other layers, such as a video layer? Make sure you graphics drivers are up to date.

  20. FXhomeHitFilm

    If you click and drag you can create a curved point. You can also right click a mask point to change it to a curved point.

  21. Tunniex

    Hey, I’m having a major problem getting my masks to work, and I’ve followed everything. After Adding a new white ‘Plain’ layer, turning the opacity to 0, selecting the layer, clicking the pen tool and drawing the mask, when I go to turn the opacity back up, nothing happens. If I switch the mask off, the video goes entirely white again, and even clicking on ‘Mask’ shows me the mask outline I drew, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the plain layer to show just through my mask markings?

  22. crazyppl009

    For shots where the lightsaber is in the frame, how do you get the round shape at the tip?

  23. FXhomeHitFilm

    Currently it won’t, but we’re working on Intel HD 3000 compatibility. Support for HD 3000 will be released in a free update soon, so stay tuned. 🙂

  24. Nadsterledzep123

    My computer has an Intel 3000, will someone tell me if hitfilm will run on this?

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