Lighting Techniques (Component 1), 4 Minute Film School : Indy Mogul


The first installment of our 4 Minute Film School on advanced lighting covers all the theory you’ll need to know to start getting a more professional look for your video projects. From gels and color temperature to diffusion and hotspots, you’ll not only be better at lighting…but a better person after watching this episode.

In this demo/tutorial, I go through my workflow with Nik Software’s Viveza 2 plugin. Viveza 2 is extremely powerful and makes it easy to adjust different parts of your images without having to create masks. The accompanying image is available for non-commercial use at Also, don’t forget to head over to to check out all their different products.

  1. Jess Creitz
    Jess Creitz07-26-2012

    No you’re right.

  2. jibran241092

    Holy shit, the pyromaniac kid from Super 8 grew up to be this guy!

  3. longroadthriller12

    Hey Indy, where did you get your T-shirt from? It sucks.

  4. longroadthriller12

    shut up

  5. firefresic22

    correct me if i am wrong but isnt the daylight 5600K not 5000K?

  6. Ghostlymuso

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  7. delaneypratt

    Yeah well I don’t like how you speak – nobody’s perfect

  8. dunstanofgreen

    I like the way he speaks. It makes him sound terrible interesting altogether.

  9. JoveInLA

    you set the whole place on fire 🙂

  10. felipe33085

    indy mogul is amazing

  11. AfrojacX

    Nobody does. Probably why he’s not there, anymore.

  12. TrentandBritt

    Check out my channel Black & White Moments for filming and editing techniques as well!

  13. 6o9acrd

    well it was of great help to me

  14. BMAnnArbor

    ur greenscreen sucked

  15. SteveHovland

    The light from reflectors tends to be 3-4 stops less than the key that is the source. If you need a lower ratio you need to use a 2nd light for fill. You can feather it until you hit the desired ratio. Hint: use a meter in EV mode and ISO 100 to determine ratios as well as key level. Many cameras want at least 100 lux, and you are better off at 400 lux. Sekonic has a lux to EV conversion chart.

  16. FightingForOurSanity

    Oh god, none of this seems safe o.o I thought they were just going to show me where to put lights and such

  17. DizzyDuckMan

    Anyone remember these good old days? When Indy Mogul wasn’t a sell-out?

  18. Garone1998

    THX for idear with the dimmer
    u can also buy for the power socked on amazon for 5 bugs

  19. n19htw0lf

    guys, you probably got electrocuted a few times…

  20. ByteSmasher

    But I like unsettling blue =

  21. 3Storm

    Build a dimmer with a chance to electrocute myself? or buy one for 5 bucks? hum…

  22. OhanGeorge

    Cool video!

  23. sluggard01

    nice job at chroma keying.. when is that video?

  24. cowan913


  25. frankenstien19

    lolwut filmriot came way after this


    Hi, shouldn’t you be using sRBG as colour space?

  27. WarrenAckary180

    Hi Andy… love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  28. AndyUno1

    After you finish editing the image in Viveza, it will re-import the Tiff file back into Lightroom. Once the edited file is back, just right click on the image and go to Edit In -> and then choose another program such as Dfine to edit.

  29. edwardpike1

    I was watching a video on Nik page, for Viveza using PS and they showed using other of the Nik software on the same image. How do you work with the other plug in on the same image in LR? Say after working on this image, you wanted to get rid of noise using Dfine 2. Their video showed a drop down menu to use with the image you had open, with all of the other Nik products.

  30. AndyUno1

    @YoungstownCorp – I am thrilled that you like it. It really is a powerful plugin that can really make a difference. Stay tuned as I am planning some more tutorials in the near future.

  31. YoungstownCorp

    Well done. I was about to demo the software and you just made the job a lot easier. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge. Well spoken, easy to follow.

  32. nickyreno

    @AndyUno1 well too bad i don’t have Viveza 2 ~ seem like very fun to play with , anyway enough of my nonsense , great tutorial and thumbs up for the sharing , keep it up the good work ~

  33. AndyUno1

    Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. This is just a small sampling of how powerful this plugin is. Best of luck to you.

    Thanks for watching.

  34. AndyUno1

    Maybe so. These are relatively simple edits to show how Viveza can be used. The power of Viveza lies in it’s selective edits. Where Viveza shines is making selective edits to part of the image. Like I said, It’s just my workflow. I could do these in Lightroom, but for me Viveza is quicker and easier to get the results.

    Thanks for watching.

  35. lungstruck

    This was a great overview of Viveza. I’m trialing it right now and this helped.

  36. nickyreno

    no offense but lightroom 3 can do all this edit ~ so no point of switching it to viveza 2

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