Life Church of Concord, CA is building a house in Tijuana, Mexico, using a general-purpose fan sunlight U.S. Corp. for ventilation


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Reno, NV (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

All Fan purpose was the favorite among builders, homeowners and renovators as the perfect solution for attics, basements, ventilation, garages and sheds. As many customers have discovered, the fan All Purpose used in many different applications, all active ventilation is required. For international builders in Orlando, Florida, February 8 to 11 show in 2012, an increase of U.S. increase Sunlight in interest rates for the use of all Purpose Fan in other countries, where electricity is unreliable.

Life Church of Concord, California, and John Moser, Diablo Solar Integrated building and saw the value of an effective general purpose ventilation fan option, without dependence on unreliable electricity.

Church life, construction began on April 10, 2012 to a home for the family of Perez, a widowed grandmother, a single mother and her two young children. The Perez family was living in extreme circumstances, require a piece of land for uneven pallets with a tarp for the roof, surrounded at home. After being chosen from a list of families in need, began building a church life 640 square meters, two floors of gift to the Smith family, a house like yours. The master bedrooms on the second floor and reliable electricity, was John Moser, owner of Diablo Integrated Building and Solar Energy, the fan-purpose was the perfect solution to help the room well ventilated and use of the abundant energy of sun.

How many customers realize the all-purpose fan has a capacity, a variety of applications found in sunlight U.S. expands on his all-purpose line of ventilation products, now with a high output 15 watt all purpose Fan 1015APV capacity to issue up to 1900 square feet.

The president of the U.S.

sunlight Corp., Robert Buckley, comments, We are honored to know of the decision by John Moser to use our product in a noble cause. When we started better communication with customers in other countries, we hope to warm to the benefits of active ventilation climates with reliable electricity. 1015APV With the introduction of our new 15-watt all purpose fan, we hope to reach more of the world community and everyone is trying to benefit from the active vent.


All Purpose sunlight U.S. Corp, 9910APV, 1010APV 1015APV and are completely free solar powered cooling your home for free! It also supports driver sunlight U.S. solar, customers now have the ability to control humidity and temperature in a ventilated room and the operating status of the fans. In the sweltering hot summer nights, the sun plug into an electrical outlet to continue operating the fan at night, with a minimum depth of electricity.

Call 1-877-50-USSUN today to learn more about the multi-purpose fan and how she is able to take advantage.

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U.S. Sunlight

Corp. is committed to providing alternative energy for everyday life, except through the development and manufacture of innovative solar products and environmentally friendly to make money for the homeowner. In January 2011, the solar control industry for home improvements by storm and was praised by homeowners laudable and industry experts alike. The owners now have the option, these additional benefits for their U.S. products Sunlight to attic ventilation:

? An option to use electricity for home solar power so that the attic fan is after sunset or in the solar energy available to run.
? Control of attic fans operating conditions of humidity, temperature and soil from the roof of the attic of the remote controller Solar LED screen by simply pressing a button on the remote control.
With over 100,000 products in the 2011 National Hardware Show, began our solar system and solar attic fan controllers to the attention of retailers, media and the public, and won Best of Show awards.
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