Lessen / Develop into impact in iMovie and Final Cut


a lot of queries, as I have had the influence and increasing reduction in my iPod video has. This is how I did in Final Cut as properly as a fundamental way to do it in iMovie. Royalty Free Music incompetech.com

  1. TheSilv3rhawk

    What is the name of the application of five on the bench, which the computer icon and the camera is making us splelling’m Mexican is please reply

  2. witeksworld

    Would it work with a green wall?

  3. missesglitter101

    Ugh I want Final Cut. –

  4. mrm64

    Answerrr! Please!

  5. mrm64

    Question. Pleeeease please respond because this is projecy for school! : D Is there a way for me at the same time reducing? Do not idle. And I’m a movie that is great in the small and the world, so if I go people want to give me the camera lens to make it look like an earthquake, lol. To make it look real. is this possible?

  6. twinband1120

    you need a green screen for this? I want to do cool effects, but I’m not a green screen and I feel like I need all the interesting effects of a green screen. If I need an Apple Store is selling what?

  7. americaninjaX

    Yes Final Cut can be purchased on the App Store for $ 300 and Photoshop you can buy / download from the Adobe website for a few hundred as well.

  8. PiersonAndAlex

    Does Final Cut Pro and Photoshop cost money? I have it on my Mac?

  9. 123AwesomeBen

    can u photo booth

  10. emmyl00wh0

    You are amazing! You are so useful for all purposes in iMovie! Thanks, and keep the videos!

  11. VisionForum11

    Well done THX

  12. dudegoon1

    I’m not a green screen …

  13. hazzastylesvampire

    i love ur videos, always on an iMac mainly for iMovie, but u can make a video with all text effects, video effects and image effects

  14. JustActOriginal

    Hey vid good, I’m currently in iMovie 09 trying to make my pulse selected clip / pump. Do you know how? And I’ll try beating it to sync my music 🙂

  15. chloeautumn1

    iMovie is easier, but Final Cut is a professional

  16. kaninkapa

    may add instructions on how to burn movie in iMovie transit tions and / or Final Cut Pro X?

  17. thebob7255

    can u please do the same, but with the new Final Cut Pro X, I ask you need to do to learn hoe to move objects, to grow and help more, please

  18. JakesTechBox

    Still great: D

  19. Leolwo1


  20. Leolwo1

    can plz some evidence iMovie iPod / iPhone

  21. moojaynemoo

    Where did you get the green screen?

  22. iluvozzy2006

    oh ok thanks

  23. MattsMacintosh

    In Final Cut, it was easy, but needed a little work in iMovie. Shoot green screen work, then: The basic concept is the same.

  24. iluvozzy2006

    You can grow to a person in an amount up to a miniature much larger than your normal height?

  25. Snc6475

    Hey Matt, how do that with the mouse at 1:56? Does your screen recording, or is it iMovie Final Cut? By the way, you can create a cloning tutorial for iMovie, if you know how? Thank you!

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