Lens Flare, how to avoid it and how to use it creatively with portraits.


www.mccordall.com A lesson on how lens Flare can effect an image, the cause and the remedy ,plus how to use it in a creative way to make effects and to help develop a high crucial image.
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  1. pmcc150

    It’s a different camera angle, the whole video is shot with a canon 7D on HD.

  2. BirdOfParadise777

    At the beginning when you switched to a better “shot”, did you put on a filter or use the card or just change the direction of the video camera? Is your video camera an HD? This video is a wonderful quality:)
    Thank you again:)

  3. BirdOfParadise777

    Given the age range of your viewers- if you haven’t covered it yet… maybe how to snap shots of their moving kids or grandkids at events… I think more of them are getting cameras as gifts or bought one because they finally “caved” and bought a computer! LOL! Digital pics in e-mails fits the budget better nowadays:) Maybe, “what someone else wants to see in a pic you send/give them.” Think before the event- 36 of puppy, 0 of Great Aunt Ellie! Where to “be” to take wedding shots. Rambling! LOL!

  4. pmcc150

    Thanks for the remark, I’m looking for new subjects all the time, any ideas would be gratefully received 🙂

  5. pmcc150

    Great! under 20, welcome to the 0.9% of my viewers ,On you tube we can have all types of stats, and 44 % of my viewers are 45-54 years and only 7% under 34 years old but it’s changing it used to be 60% between 55 and 64, so there’s still hope :))
    I’m in it because of my dad as well , he bought me a 35mm camera when I was 8 and he still tells me what to do, dad’s never change , my son will tell you that !
    Anyway thanks for the remark and good luck with your photography

  6. AppleGameification

    Well you have found one!

    I am reluctant to tell someone my age on the internet, but it is under 20. My Dad brought me into photography, and have been taking photos around for about two years now. I think there should be more people like you on the net that can introduce a topic and show examples of it’s use and how to use it.

    I am not worried about your age, since you seem like a very accomplished and experienced photographer. I would much rather experienced than inexperienced.

  7. bustersgotavmax

    That’s interesting you say that. I’ve been biten by the camera bug for just under a year now,as in really trying to learn my camera I origionally bought new a few years ago ,but never reallly learned to use it. It seems the younger presenters are more interested in reviewing new gear most of the time,which doesn’t help me.Keep doing exactly what you’re doing please,it’s what makes you viable in a world of youtube presenters who place more value in gear than knowledge.

  8. 747photonoob

    Great video! I never thought you could use flare creatively…thanks!

  9. pmcc150

    Thanks that’s very nice of you much appreciated.

  10. drouleau

    I put up a short blog post on my website to spread the word about your videos. I’ll take real-world experience over the “youthful” presenters who just take a billion photos of themselves (and not very well, either) any day 🙂

  11. pmcc150

    Thanks very much, more and more people are subscribing and watching so I’m not that worried about viewing figures as I’ve only been doing videos for 8 months, the problem is to get the younger viewers ,I think they prefer a more youthfull
    presenter 🙂 again thanks for the comment.

  12. AppleGameification

    You certainly deserve a lot more response for your work. This was very helpful!

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