Learn Matte Painting with Doctor Who ! | PopFX 011


This week discover what digital matte painting is and how you can start to bring it into you own productions with our pal, the Doctor 🙂 BONUS Hyperlinks: Advanced Color Correcting and Green Screen Strategies: www.youtube.com
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Greenscreen Electric Field HQ

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Video Rating: four / five

  1. 15liulj123

    11th doctor 11th pop fx

  2. pikachu000000000

    Matte Smith, lol.

  3. Smallvillenerd

    They aren’t him…he is them!

  4. KLProductiongermany

    I don’t have a lot of time lately. So go on and do your best^^

  5. randomkidwithacamera

    Can I make this? Or do you plan to do it at some time?

  6. Miguel De Rojas
    Miguel De Rojas07-18-2012

    Okay so my idea is basically a normal guy that finds a diamond waking throw the street. He starts looking at it until a runs into him and takes it, starts running and our protagonist of course follows him but soon he discovers that the thieve is not normal:he can teleport and also jump really high.Our guy although amazed surrender and finally catches the thieve and gets the diamond.Then suddenly the video goes back to the past to the guy walking down the street all this story was only a thought.

  7. kingcolley1

    i bet most americans are scratching there head woundering WTF is DR WHO

  8. KeithCampbell

    I subbed a while back but don’t think I ever REALLY checked out your channel! You have some great videos, very helpful to us inspiring film makers! Keep up the great work!

  9. KeepUpTheAWESOME

    I love this! Its like filmriot but a bit better 😀 can you do the “chronicle”
    effects or the telekinisis?

  10. KeepUpTheAWESOME

    great man!


    You guys are great. I am going to add you to the Curriculum!

  12. AdamantSystems


  13. homer4556

    anway you can do cheap CGI

  14. rasse1000

    I have one small production with two strangers on a bench at autums redyellow trees sligtly moving towards eachother. untill they finaly fall toghether and smile.
    and also a big one about vikings. swedish, norwigan and all kinds of scandinavian languages inkluding the viking tounge. with allot of things from the era. like a dukumentuary but more like a movie fiktion. boats beeing draged on land and raiding. and thats a big produktion.

  15. usernamesroldschool

    One of the best episodes so far:)

  16. keeter9165

    Ok thanks im really glad i fount your show

  17. fallg51

    He is the one!

  18. fallg51

    I’ll be announcing the winner on the next PopFX episode. Right now I’m editing a Halloween Special to give you a time estimate 🙂

  19. keeter9165

    So when will we know who wins the idea book

  20. KLProductiongermany

    I have an idea for a short film. It’s called ‘Individual’. A person is walking down a streat on a rainy day. Some people pas him. He realises thar all look the same.
    One asks him: “who are you?”. He is confused and says: “What?” The other one repeats: “Who are you?”. He says: “me?” The other ones are frightend and mumble ” individual!!!”. He asks them: “Who are you?”. They answer: “We are us!” Now he is despaired and askes: “and who am I?”.- I don’t know how it will end yet.

  21. fallg51

    sounds … electrifying 😛 PUN. ABSOLUTELY. INCLUDED 🙂

  22. Brennenfilms

    i have an idea for a movie or short video about a kid named scott who is walking home from school on a rainy day and get structed by lightning and get the ability to shoot lightnig and fly, it is hard to sum-up in just a comment but that is only the begining.

  23. codebreaker2001

    I say if you can, go for it.

  24. fallg51

    nice! I really want to bring someone from the Doctor Who show onto the FX Talk series to pick their brain over. Love the show 🙂

  25. MrSweetfilms


  26. GreenHDScreen

    see my channel for free HD green screen footage

  27. mohcinebouhya

    dude use youtube downloader! ;)

  28. bernardegreteau

    Good stuff!! How did you make it? With Blender?

  29. fweboy

    link ??????? u lost a sub because of it :/

  30. edaviescarr

    use tube grip

  31. FierceStats

    No download link :/?

  32. D3OP1

    Do a 1st Person flamethrower like in cod 5

  33. aussiediabolo

    do a laser?

  34. AlexGImaB

    Do a scary pop up

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