Łączenie obiektu 3d z fotografią.mp4


Prosta technika na integrację obiektu 3d wygenerowanego na bazie tekstu w Photoshopie CS5 ze stock’owym zdjęciem.

How to Light a Green Screen on a Low Budget its prety self explanitory but if you need help message me or comment and ill coment back. Make sure to subscribe if you havent and rate this video OmgAzar

  1. dagunner

    OK. For you next lesson learn about copyrite infringement on the music you used. And do not play the “fair use””or “student” cards…..

  2. echshe

    You are adorable! Great job! I am going to buy my lights at Walmart thanks to you! 😉

  3. blenellchaney

    You are the first person to explain green screen lighting so that anyone can understand it. Great job! Thanks

  4. Thelopezag39

    yet you have zero… lol

  5. MrKmace

    also get the green duct tape

  6. MrKmace

    wait u got a green screen but 1 lame video ok not lame

  7. pinkyking222

    Endings the best.

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