Kodak Zi8 Review HD Camera with Chroma Key test images and U2 Concert


style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Kodak Zi8 HD Camera with Chroma Key test and U2 concert materials

www.MikesGadgetGiveaway.com?kodak-zi8 Kodak Zi8 HD Camera Review Dollar for dollar, you just can not beat Kodak’s new” Flip Killer “camera. Watch the video and rate or comment! The Great under 5 External microphone input PC and Mac compatible True HD high-definition: 1080p, 720p @ 60 fps, 720p and WVGA video 5 Megapixel Camera Nice big LCD display Records in QuickTime format with the H.264 compression standard SD card slot built USB connector Image Stabilization / “face tracking” removable lithium ion battery macro function for close-HDMI adapter cable (and cable included!) external charger (included) External AV cable (cable included ) Battery shoot included! The video quality is pretty good “Chroma” do – green screen! The blows of the competition in terms of quality Includes PC editing software (not needed if you have a Mac) The Not-So-Great: Can not see in the viewfinder built into the USB connector is short Slow “boot “The time of the zoom is” chunky “- not smooth, not including the SD card battery is 1.5 hours per charge Terrible hum connecting a microphone connected to the power adapter does not use the camera as a webcam not light or flash Overall 4, May 5
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. torpedo192

    best review I’ve seen, I’ve had better camera.

  2. realjuvelive

    Thanks, I sold digitally on Amazon as picture

  3. 4x12

    Hey Mike, Thx for a great review … I was about to get the launch, but it helped me, a better buy! Thank you.

  4. XionUnjust

    1.5 hours of recording? that’s terrible

  5. wradshan

    I can not wait to get the camera!

  6. ace41r

    In fact it is better than most of the new faces of Hollywood.

  7. mlwebco

    Rating Excellent! … Thanks

  8. Makell

    You are a wonderful man … expert spoke very good … You should be an actor 🙂

  9. yongk1ng

    nice .. ty for the review was very goodd

  10. bnyfe1

    His view was excellent … Thank you. I’ll buy one.

  11. Drummer127

    Watch the Sony ECM-DS70P. This is a mini stereo condenser microphone. There’s a picture on Amazon this microphone can be used with this camera. But cheap and fake versions of circulation microphone on eBay, be careful because the song is from Hong Kong.

  12. ilobascotv


  13. OtisandSlayer

    Z18 not as Zi8 0.18

  14. sykickg

    1.5 hours on the battery? : (

  15. klaatu42

    Hello. Yes, very nervous. Mine seems useful only if it is on a tripod. Image stabilization seems that things are even worse.

  16. BlackJavaBean

    All the images we have seen of the Zi8 looking nervous. Also in the clutter, it seems he is jitter. My eyes hurt after a while.

  17. sargetech

    If someone wants, the camera takes a standard tripod socket on the bottom! I’m in love with this camera, I’ll take it with me to go anywhere!

  18. chaitanyaalur

    wonderful … Also, looking for a better performance and better than flip …

  19. lllllllllll10

    Go for something that is cheap! Cool! I want one: O lol lol

  20. DJparsons89

    I love this camera, but this video is only for professionals.

  21. cktblue

    He is strong and really a great person in real person. He is the owner of Traffic Geyser.

  22. Ziggy Shaw
    Ziggy Shaw11-04-2012

    Wow. Is this guy really? Her introduction makes it seem like you’re in a comedy.

  23. BamaGuySRT

    Actually, I have the Zi6 and editing program if the Zi8 is something like the Zi6 then donno if desired. I use a PC and I can not stand the software included with the Zi6. So what I can get for free download? Windows Movie Maker is not working is the video of this camera …

  24. DatzwhatzupTV

    Buy today @ Target.

  25. Darkphizer

    Thanks, made me want more and more 🙂 U will soon as possible to check kaufen.Great

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