Jpcsp .five Win32 – How to play Crisis Core Final Fantasy on Jpcsp – Total Tutorial


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@ twitter: @ EpsilonMarc a NEW TUTO appeared to music, visit this link (or in my profile): Hey guys, has been a lot of people ask me for a tuto show how it works. So here’s the Statute. My microphone does not work right now. Something they have not shown in this video, is installation of Java (Hell yeah, you need to install Java, since it is a Java based application!). I do not think that was crucial. You can also see the link to the video. Use break to read it. The program mentioned at the end called a controller (like the XBOX360 controller) assigned JoyToKey, you can easily find on Google. That is what I am atm. I hope it is useful to you. For your information: You must have a PSP with the game to do that. Simply because the law! If you use this program without a PSP, or a downloaded game, this is bad! heh heh.

  1. alexmark33

    Always Java (TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working

  2. xionmei

    works perfectly, thank you very much 🙂

  3. TiagoRZR

    FFXIII sound again = p

  4. TheSupersheamus

    I can not load the launcher that says I have to be connected, or tells me it is not allowed or something, and ive already have an account

  5. valencia03098

    My controller doesn ^ t work, what I can do?

  6. djvekran

    It is a must play and try to PLAY!

  7. djvekran

    this is a PSP (console or otherwise) in the PSP game is from 2008

  8. djvekran


  9. djvekran

    where do u download the cc-ROM?

  10. djvekran

    I need the sound because the game and finished Untertitelund (PSP) i

  11. djvekran

    The game is not working properly?

  12. mjjleo

    to “decode” 1 Power ISO installieren2. Use Username: Paul Leech key-W2DSS 4B6P4-6DS4Q-IIM13-ENGXF of registrieren3. Open the game iso, delete and name EBOOT.BIN Eboot.OLD Eboot.bin4 a. PROMETHEUS.PRX5 remove. fact (I know I should have known, but it makes it easier for others who do not know)

  13. GamERc00KiE

    I have some functions crsis core problem, but when I go tot the first boss, then I can not play more what the problem is, you know?

  14. 1314someone

    when I use Launcher Jpcsp says JOGL / wjgl lack, what does? help as soon as possible

  15. criticsz3

    Hello Epsil0n. My problem seems to be based on Java. Every time I open the Launcher and click “Run”, I get an error message that is not Java (TM) Platform SE binary “, then crashes. (I tried to load the ROM of Crisis Core and I get the same problem. Please help, I really appreciate it.

  16. criticsz3

    I have the same damn problem solve this problem?

  17. supu6

    I have the same problem … The sound effects tracks, and all the work, but nicht.Lassen Vote me know if you have something in mind in the last month.

  18. watamano

    That dommage soit en anglais tons Institute …

  19. x99wildonesteam

    Why do you always tell me that could not be started?

  20. nots000ful

    What is SPF? I can play CCFFVII also Jpcsp 2394 and I use a laptop with an Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 CPU M 430@2.27GHz 4.00 GB of RAM and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 graphics card and I each time you only get fps around 19-29 (mean 27.5 fps). This absorbs any advice for my problem? ————————————————– —————– Sorry for the language terrible, cause English is not my mother tongue

  21. Len21SkyX

    have the same configuration to work on a Mac?

  22. gabrielnetto2010

    the audio does not work, the video is very good, but the sound does not come from

  23. yasruu1123

    What if I have a game and I play like I can play?

  24. BlizzardBoy123456

    Will this work for Ben 10 Protector of Earth?

  25. sephirothchild

    thanks for the info and it worked for me. It is also necessary to make an updated video of this THX.

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