JHD-Dobson company and product videos with Studio Green Screen near New York, says DobsonPR


New York, NY (Vocus) 12 Announced in June 2010

JHD-Dobson Video, “JHD-Dobson newly expanded studio, green screen, just one hour from downtown New York City, offers the latest equipment generation and a first-team experience in building brands for our customers produce a turnkey video support and company names. “

In today’s tough economy JHD-Dobson specializes in communicating the strengths of the company and was formed by Brian Dobson Dobson Communications, online at http://www.DobsonPR.com and award-winning cinematographer Hugh Daly.

brands “How are perceived in the market and driving is a measure of good management, with partner Brian Dobson, an expert in brand building and public relations crisis, commenting recently appeared on CNN Image News of BP’s problems as a result of its massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

“especially important in difficult economic times, JHD-Dobson about the importance of producing high quality video presentations that happens within budget and on schedule for,” Dobson said. JHD-Dobson demonstrated skills online. In http://www.tinyurl.com/2g4j5x5

“Dobson and Daly have experienced all phases of communication messages of the brand and work closely with public relations and advertising agencies and corporate clients to produce videos in Hollywood-quality off-price city, “said the company.

“JHD-Dobson Video capability is http://tinyurl.com/2fw29rd online demo reel,” said Dobson.

green screen wall

JHD-Dobson and soil study, high definition and processing equipment, such as Red One digital camera complete with super Mysterium-35-mille meter-size sensor film, we have to do so that television network needs quality productions, Daly said.

He added: JHD-Dobson can corporate and product brand videos or create ads and infomercials as we choose our many digital reality games and pre-live scenes, or use the film in place, to add dynamic context Product or study speaker presentations.


also prepares executives for media interviews simulated Dobson, who led PR previously managed interact in a Fortune 50 company and was a member of the global crisis committee, and was a reporter for Dow Jones and Reuters, PR before the New York Stock Exchange, the company said.

is important for companies to prepare for media interaction to be ready to react to problems. Companies like BP gets its massive oil spill crisis, and Toyota, however, millions of cars have shown that it performs well in the media earlier crisis compounds problems, “said Dobson.

addition to experience in public relations in JHD-Dobson Video, socio Dobson, Hugh Daly, is an award winning cinematographer with video and many independent films and has helped prepare spokesman for media interviews in business and the military, the business said.


video is just an hour from Manhattan and was Dobson Communications, based in Ridgefield, CT, and online at http://www.DobsonPR.com base formed. For information contact Barbara Green DobsonPR.com at 203-894-9240 or Barbara_Green (at) DobsonPR (dot) com.

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