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My YouTube-101 Tutorial: If you want your HD video and widescreen? Make sure your output is 720p, ie 1280×720. See also want to compress so you are not uploading a huge file – use in 1500-2500 kbps H.264. For more detailed instructions, click here: After loading, be patient – YouTube needs time to process before the “watch in HD” link launches. I use Final Cut Pro and a handful of After Effects when necessary. Music / Sound is Logic. But remember! The program does not make the movie for you – if you have the basics down, you can use iMovie on an iMac old and still rock faces. 4:03 foolish to subsequent resolution of YouTube. Sometimes you have to use some force. Featured in Hong Kong. This is because Hong Kong knows what’s going on. Chief Brandon Laatsch and Black Bar Wrangler Matt Arnold Armoror once again to rescue it.


Basic Training Series Part 2 – Please donate: – In this tutorial voice for Final Cut Pro HD X, to learn to use color correction / adjustment tool integrated effects FCPX, besides covering the color balance, color balance and the definition of the difference between color correction and color correction. We also have a look at the ‘look’ effects directly in Final Cut Pro Effects browser. Dan Allen
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  4. vistigioful

    Good video.

  5. AgentOOSAVEN

    The onset of dubstep lol

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    0:30 to 0:39 all things dubstep releases: D

  14. butlerDesmond

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  17. nathanael hill
    nathanael hill07-25-2012

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  18. Vampira7821

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  19. TheMrlegosuperdude

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  20. oziezob

    Good tutorial, it worked very well for me. Thanks to Freddie

  21. mrjoey147

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  24. OwnageTakos

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  25. Richard Morales
    Richard Morales07-25-2012

    What a shower without education. Thanks for the tutorials that I like!

  26. sweatyXXXwombat

    I know this is old, but the color is shifted to the bottom of the scale has this color, which does not fit. Often the blue pull down when you try, it will float to the top.

  27. Roberto Basilico
    Roberto Basilico07-25-2012

    These lessons are very useful! I’m actually editing my first short film, and made clear to all! Thank you!

  28. anticvidz

    Hi, how I can add keyframes to give certain moments in a different glow clip? eg: maximum brightness at the beginning of the clip, which is always normal to a shine. THX

  29. herbesandspices

    How I can remove the effect of a clip?

  30. MrJonoi

    bahahahaa! Trolls!

  31. kurtschaos


  32. danonabouncycastle

    The color is that of American English, the most universal, such as spelling, in terms of color correction is used in video post-production. Enjoy your block.

  33. bryonyrocks

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  34. DJGShow

    I 1.something with Final Cut Express version. I was about two versions behind when I upgraded to this version and had no idea that had completely changed. I can not say I want a lot of changes, but I have seen several of his vids (and you will see a bit more) and now at least I feel that I could not hate everything about them. I’m sure you will adjust and will be easier with your help. Thank you.

  35. gijsoerlemans1992

    excellent tutorial, congratulations. And thanks!

  36. OhNoItsGojira

    Maybe you are interested in having the inspector of a clip in the Clip Browser? If “inspect” a clip in the timeline, then have access to color correction options.

  37. PisolMan

    I have the same problem. No one solution for this?

  38. Jigishu90

    When I go to color correction in Final Cut Pro X, why do not I have the shadows, midtones and highlights global how writing in the video have?

  39. happymarkkj

    In this horrible practice I need, I always get a little red, because I see cool tones = (manure

  40. BlackBoysonIce

    how do u add a clip from the Internet for Final Cut Pro?

  41. XxTheCoconutMasterxX

    He uses the zoom button, but if you call on an object like a man, standing, swing or something, use things Dolly professionals. I can use the stabilizer of the deformation in Adobe After Effects on a tripod, because it is cheaper (if you already have the program). If not, then a doll and / or a tripod would be the way forward.

  42. XxTheCoconutMasterxX

    What do you mean fisheye?

  43. EmmaEmilieHD

    Can you get a fish-eye effect in the X FCP? Just ask 🙂

  44. TheKing2494

    How to get this shot at 6:44, where somehow the zoom? Is it a kind of variation on a tripod or something? I am new to shooting, etc.

  45. TitanProdigy

    I did it as a playlist, I’m watching videos of 36 to one in FCPX Genious

  46. nozlrecordingsuk

    Great tutorial mate. Very clear and concise.

  47. TiffanyCullen

    Thank you!

  48. donpdotsta

    what camera do you use?

  49. andr0ll

    these are all very friendly: D

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