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A must-see video for any 5D filmmaker. Alex Fox (5DFilmSchool) and Trammell Hudson (inventor of the Magic Lantern firmware upgrade for Canon 5D Mark II) discuss Magic Lantern, and demonstrate some of its current – and upcoming – features. As seen on
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Helicopter Apache Green Screen How to use this footage Download This ( 720p ) using This Site : www . keepvid . com -Just copy the link of this video into the box and click download -Open after effects and remove the green using keylight -now match the color of the helicopter to your background using : effects color correction cc color offset and you’re done subscribe for more upcoming great stuff ( Credit ) if you want another animated 3d model of a tank maybe just ask in a comment

  1. CastleFoxStudiosLLC

    YES!!!!!! Per CANON Using this FIRMWARE WILL VOID your camera’s Warranty!

    “Unfortunately, we can only condone the use of official Canon firmware on the cameras. Using third party firmware may void your warranty”

  2. CastleFoxStudiosLLC

    WARNING TO ALL USERS! Per Canon, using the Magic Lantern Firmware WILL VOID YOUR CAMERA’S WARRANTY!

    Use at your own risk.

  3. donofthekuwait

    can i record more that 12min with this firmware ?

  4. pigchaser123

    that guy looks so suss

  5. robvaldezfilm

    There is so much more that Magic Lantern does yet all you talk about is the size of this guy’s rig, audio monitoring, and green screen. Worthless video.

  6. Clapboardstudio

    Hopefully he makes a basic one for Pentax as well. 🙁

  7. kiwichch

    It’s definitely a speed class issue. My 5DII peaked out after 3 secs of HD recording every time until I changed to a class 10 CF card. Works a treat now!

  8. madedigital

    your a star, i did it it works nice, can you hear live audio via mini jack on the 550d?

  9. souravzzz

    Anyone who wants to know if you can uninstall ML: YES, it is very easy to do so. Just format your memory card!

    ML does not write anything to your camera ROM, so no chance of harming the original firmware. 🙂

  10. souravzzz

    @anyone who wants to know if you can uninstall ML: YES, it is very easy to do so. Just format your memory card!

    ML does not write anything to your camera ROM, so no chance of harming the original firmware. 🙂

  11. slb711isScott

    @iseecheese hmm.. what speed is your card? hd recording usually needs either a class 6 or class 10 card. if not, I’ve heard stories of people’s videos stopping like that.

  12. AbstractMatter

    I don’t understand… why do you have a pop shield over your mic if you’re not even gonna have it over the mic’s diaphragm? It’s off-axis, and not going to catch any of your voice’s plosives, why have a pop shield in the first place?

  13. nuhii

    Absolutely true! He is a superhero to me to:) Man would i love to have his brain.. hehe

  14. smartkaru

    Great Video…. Helped a lot. :) will it work on 550D?

  15. shapeworkstudios1

    where can i get that remote ff? looks awesome!

  16. ucheucheuche

    Pay attention to the guy on our left. That is what a superhero really looks like.

  17. iseecheese

    why does my video recording stop after 5 seconds automatically? t2i

  18. messageblack

    I would like to record interviews with canon 60D. Are there any heat issues with the camera recording for 40 – 60 minutes using magic lantern?

  19. thatniggbeme7

    Hi i have a sandisk extreme pro SDHC 90mbs card and when i try to go to a higher bitrate 1.5 or higher it still keeps stopping can u tell me any other ways to get this to wrk besides disabling the audio

  20. rymdskrotet

    Interesting software, I might say! Would there be any possibilites that the T3i / 600D will have all the audio features found in the T2i / 550D, when having the software installed. (Not sure why there is no audiosettings in Magic Lantern on the T3i / 600D. There is only recording audio input bars.

  21. kk6downing

    just want to know, can you uninstall it if you dont like it?

  22. gabrielcardenasphoto

    Does magic lantern work with the 60D?

  23. Chappa30329

    Whatever! The gh2 blows away the 7d & 5d and much cheaper…

  24. DanFrederiksen

    very nice hack. hopefully canon will design future cameras with fuller film controls like this.
    when you say it’s only loaded into ram, does that mean you have to flash it every time you want to use it?

  25. geewhiz1701

    I downloaded the AJ 5.9 version for my Canon 5d markII
    on my Mac but i only seem to have 2 files autoexec.bin and magiclantern.fir i have canon Firmware Version 2.1.1 on my 5D and cant seem to get the ML software to install – my 5D screen goes black and i have to take out the battery to get it to work again……..any ideas?

  26. iTechnotized

    dude this is awesome but the wings/ blades of the helicopter gets mixed with background because its green please fix it.

  27. SlowDeathPro

    to the channel : RadialEffects ;D

  28. simonxD0

    i will use it for my videos 😀 and i will subscribe !

  29. WizTheMc

    i dont think even he did it because hundrets of people write after the vid they made it…:/

  30. jackdanielfilms1

    I would say he used 3dsmax to make the heli

  31. jackdanielfilms1

    hey i used this footage on my channel, is that okay if it isnt ill take it off! i have already subscribed to your other channel and i will sub to this one now! thanks a lot!

  32. MrHrishimishra

    what software are you using? please tell.

  33. majorzakyo

    Nice thanks this is what I was looking for !

  34. dxgllogjan

    do you have any helicopter falling ???

  35. MrReviewer87


  36. desmondkyu

    weres the link?

  37. TheStuartCarson

    Dude, this is incredible. Thanks for doing this for us!

  38. umcara2010

    MUito bom esse video

  39. squatjoggerone

    Hi, thanks for this stock footage, it was brilliant! If you would like to see it used in my video, check out my channel.

  40. BrainlessUnit

    good job ! 🙂

  41. privatepim

    Hi can you plzz make a vietnam huey plzz! :D:D:D Send me message back..

  42. filmer3000


  43. freegreenscreen

    watch my greenscreen apache:


  44. CrownProductionsNZ

    since i use it i sub it 🙂

  45. 6insertnamehere9


  46. iJuStEriC

    I subbed, Im going to use this if i ever make a war movie. I have a great shot of the front of a helicopter, Ill use this one for when it flies away. Thanks a lot!

  47. kuneng16

    I Sub And Like And i already using the helicopter thanks

  48. kuneng16

    search it on youtube “sony vegas 9 full version download”

  49. kuneng16

    download the sony vegas 9 portable

  50. M0DSQUAD

    could you give me a link to a free sony vages for windows xp? plz

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