intensiKey Funds LLC adds 20 new virtual set to its revolutionary 3D software key Chroma


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intensiKey is the first chroma key software to integrate a true 3D environment, easy to use interface and high-quality content virtual game. With the introduction of September intensiKey Virtual User Pack Volume 1 intensiKey access to 20 other virtual sets for purchase and download in have either individually or as a package of 20 virtual games.

These additional 20 virtual scenarios are real 3D environments, not the images or animations, so you can move the camera around the set point of view and change. intensiKey can animate the position of the camera with the time to keep their talent automatically locked chroma vision of creating beautiful camera movements and allows total creativity in the design of the vaccine.

intensiKey solves problems that have affected production professionals who know how to make a message even true 3D virtual set in post-production, without a lot of time, cost and complexity. intensiKey quick startup and make a shot, usually only takes minutes to do both. Compared to the conventional chroma key software comes with content intensiKey you choose, such as the development of the film directors stated in the seat.

can be installed

intensiKey was designed to be easy to use, upload your images, add a B source, add it to move the camera, select output format and do. The material is ready to go to the Internet directly to your editor of choice, or any other popular video formats.

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Created with passion only offers products virtual 3D adjustment cost for broadcast, corporate and PEG-market enthusiasts intensiKey focused on the development of software and content to complement each other.


is a private company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please visit:

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