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Boinx Software, a developer of award-winning software for the Mac platform, is pleased to 1.6, the latest upgrade to its award-winning Apple Design 2009 software known video production Direct, BoinxTV. BoinxTV construed as personal broadcast truck without the truck. Perfect for recording presentations, lectures, video podcasts, sports events, concerts, sermons and more BoinxTV produces stunning live album, Live Internet and Live to Stage video in real time. In version 1.6, improved quality and performance, redundancy and optimized system architecture with fault tolerant remain the top priority. A new template for recording conferences and events provides users with an in-depth, how-to example for the dissemination of hours of live conference footage with a flawless finish and stylish racing in primetime, professionally produced events .

brand new template in BoinxTV Recording Conference 1.6 provides users with the inspiration to create your own custom templates for recording live conference personal study on your Mac, says Oliver Breidenbach, CEO of Boinx Software. The latest update of our OB van without software makes the task of producing and transmitting live events quicker and easier than ever. Layers of the opening sessions, switching between multiple cameras for unique lower thirds of movies or music to the background of the sidebars to give lectures, and sponsors have the mark of issue with the paramount logo shows an edge very creative and professional. Version 1.6 is also available with improved redundancy for greater assurance that their material is packed securely. Until such time that an accident may occur, BoinxTV automatically saves your footage for you to pick up right where you left off. We are pleased our current and future customers of this BoinxTV safer and more redundant in the loop.

BoinxTV 1.6 Highlights: New template Conference Recording

BoinxTV 1.6s Conference Recording new template is fully defined with fresh new layers for creating customizable opening credits, placing a source in one of four arbitrary screen points, automatic crawls, options sidebar and a demo layer complete with iPhone fourth work iPhone The new template allows users a polished and unified presentation in just a few minutes to set up, ready to transmit without the necessary post-production. In addition, the Axis camera layer now supports Mac OS X 10.5.8, while the images are of the Chroma Key filter is now sharp and clear, with no side effects blurred.

Version 1.6 also offers

BoinxTVs fully equipped first-class rendering engine to improve performance on the Mac multi-core/hyperthreading-based. A fail-safe auto save function ensures that if the system crashes, you will not lose your BoinxTV footage. An innovative user interface and extensible architecture that improves the performance of professional television programs and to create programs with minimal post-production efforts. His mission to reduce truck production capacity. High costs of production and post-production, without the creative brilliance and professional


transmit truck without the truck capacity is used, a series of industry’s most famous and prestigious event internationally, which aired on Super Meet. Dan Berube and Michael Horton partnered with Boinx Software and BoinxTV to San Francisco (MacWorld), Las Vegas (NAB), Boston and Amsterdam (IBC) Super Meets operation in 2010. We were looking for an easy and affordable way to describe our events remotely creative efforts. We wanted our story with industry enthusiasts, indie filmmakers and Hollywood resonate equally creative. BoinxTV for our needs like a glove, says Mike Horton.

BoinxTV Key Features

More than 50 layers provide creative possibilities for designing your own unique show template. Many aspects of the layers, such as font, size, color and position can be easily adjusted to an infinite variety.
Preconfigured and easy to use templates provide a starting point and inspiration for his show.
Character Generation Easily create lower thirds, titles, crawlers, quotes, credits, and other text on the screen.
Infographic draw in the areas of image display, lights and zoom, and shows a weather map, stock charts and other data.
Chroma Keying, replacing a uniform color background (usually a green or blue screen) with animated backgrounds, virtual studio, a computer screen for screencasts or create special effects.
Video Scaling screen, scale and distort video, PDFs, images, documents or create a 3D video podcast.
Using multiple camera switching video sources picture-in-picture, side by side, not switch between sources with a variety of transitions.
Interaction with the public display of a Twitter account or Skype viewers on his show.
Use QuickTime compatible video sources such as digital video cameras with FireWire (sometimes called i.Link or IEEE 1394), HDMI cameras (with HDMI interface card such as Blackmagic intensity Pro), iSight camera, cameras USB web (if QuickTime including driver), SDI cameras (including the use of SDI input systems from Matrox, AJA and Blackmagic Design) and many more.
Screen grabbing video chat (Skype, iChat) and slides (PowerPoint, Keynote) included.
Use any audio device available in your system. A built-in adjustable audio delay helps you to synchronize audio and video with ease.
Integration with Soundflower and other audio routing utility for audio interviews
Skype, iChat and more.

record directly to disk as a QuickTime file.
Play at the same time connected via the second screen.
Convert to the Internet through an external current converters or third party software (equipment not included).
Convert to IDE converter (equipment not included).
Send to Apple Podcast Producer automatically after recording.
Run an AppleScript after recording.

About BoinxTV

BoinxTV, winner of the Apple Design Award 2009, a revolutionary tool for creating Live to Disk is live and live Internet StageVideo Boinx Software developed in collaboration with TheCodingMonkeys. With BoinxTV, you can study impressive, podcasts, sports events, concerts, interviews, sermons, lectures, seminars and more using your Mac and multiple cameras. With its innovative user interface and extendable architecture, BoinxTV makes it easy to create professional presentations of television, which minimizes the amount of post-production. BoinxTV requires an Intel-based Mac with discrete graphics from ATI or NVIDIA, and a minimum of 2 GB of RAM. Full system requirements and more information on BoinxTV can be found

availability and prices

BoinxTV 1.6 is available as a free update for existing BoinxTV users at / download. A free demo license enables BoinxTV for five days. The single license of BoinxTV is $ 499 in Boinx Kagi Store. The BoinxTV Sponsored Edition for $ 199 requires a credit for BoinxTV in every video created with BoinxTV. For education and volume licensing (multi-seat) of BoinxTV, please contact

About Boinx Software

Boinx Software Ltd. is located in Puchheim, near Munich, Germany. Boinx Software develops award-winning software for the creative Mac user in animation film production and photography. Boinx iStopMotion is the leading solution for stop motion animation and time lapse capture and won the O’Reilly Mac OS X Innovators Award in 2003. Boinx FotoMagico, winner of two Apple Design AwardsBest Mac OS X Leopard Graphics and multimedia applications in 2008 and runner-Better user experience Mac OS X runner-up in 2006, is a presentation tool for professional photographe

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