iMovie Fundamentals Tutorial Episode 2: Widescreen Black Bars


This tutorial shows you how to add the black bars to give your video that widescreen professional look to it in iMovie 09′. The Widescreen Pic: If it seems to work backwards, try this one: Twitter:

Mane Cast Trailer #2! More info in the description. The other Mane Cast trailers will be posted as video responses! For this particular trailer I learned chroma keying, which is as fun as it is spectacular :D, though tricky as I can’t work with a true green-screen. Plus I took some lessons I learned from Race Like Rainbow Dash and expanded upon them. Most noticeably the use of custom graphics, though this time on a much larger scale. It’s also longer, clocking in around 01:25 which so far seems like a good middle ground length wise. I wonder who’s next? ­čśë — The Mane Cast Trailer series Race Like Rainbow Dash Learn Like Twilight Sparkle Love Like Fluttershy Shine Like Rarity Strive Like Applejack ——— MUSIC Shock One ft. Reija Lee – Polygon (with some bits of the VIP mix) ——— Ooh and check out this zany Pony Synchtube channel (I’m a mod there :D):

  1. thejunglefilm

    yo ive worked it out, basically you do it with the fades but no bars in another project, then export it,´╗┐ re import it into the original project and put the bars over it. the reason why it didnt work origianly is cause the green screen picture isnt in the right format

  2. PaRIOT67

    Life Saver (: thanks´╗┐ ­čÖé

  3. Mrblackhawksman

    @The Tech Joint when i add the photo to my movie the black part shows up in the center of my screen, why is this and what do i do about´╗┐ it?

  4. VesTaSnipes

    It wont let´╗┐ me add it as a green screen

  5. MrSciencetificsasuke

    THANKS so much I have been trying to do that for ever!!´╗┐

  6. bmx28kenilworth

    Hey can you watch one of my gaming videos and tell me´╗┐ how to remove the black lines on the sides.

  7. mesqueunjoga

    Thanks´╗┐ !!!

  8. ProductionsAviles

    i love´╗┐ you son!!!

  9. 99Luq

    Theres a better´╗┐ way to do that idiot

  10. psivewri

    I know the problem!! here is the answer, change the black to green and the green to black, aka invert it.´╗┐

  11. gavomoR

    .. first… finish your project without the bars..export , then import again your finished video to imovie and´╗┐ add the bars… done!

  12. DaRealTriggaBoy

    how do you´╗┐ replace the black bars with a different video clip

  13. DaRealTriggaBoy

    good shit thnx alot dude and i´╗┐ subbed

  14. dantheiphoneman

    Ur intro is awezome´╗┐

  15. madCR8tionz

    Bare in mind this will not work if your files are MP4,´╗┐ just an advice

  16. skew96

    it´╗┐ comes up in the middle for me ?!

  17. blakescampbell

    thanks man.´╗┐ will use this in my next spoofs

  18. SilverRose2010

    this is´╗┐ great! thank you so much!! ^_^

  19. MelissaRoels1

    Ok, anyway thanks, this´╗┐ video was really helpful! ­čÖé

  20. TheTechJoint

    Ya that’s one thing I’ve been unable to figure out. How to hide the transitions with the black bars. I suggest just using simple transitions like fades and such. Cinematic films usually don’t have transitions´╗┐ anyways, so it hasn’t bothered me too much.

  21. MelissaRoels1

    i tried this, it works, but now my´╗┐ effects that i put between my videos don’t work because of the bars, i wanted to create a white snapshot everytime my films change and now it doesn’t do anything, how do i make it visible again?

  22. TheTechJoint

    Save it as´╗┐ a jpeg

  23. RileyP3

    Hey PLEASE answer! what do i save the pic as? it says´╗┐ HTML, jpeg, pic? what

  24. TheTechJoint

    If the black bar is in the middle for you guys then try using the other greenscreen image. Doing this is really tricky for some´╗┐ reason and iMovie fails at keeping consistency as I can tell. Just try it, see if it works and if it doesn’t I don’t really know what to tell you guys ­čÖü

  25. TheTechJoint

    I don’t quite understand´╗┐ what you mean by “up in the middle”

  26. thethirdbroski

    i watched this a while ago and i was drinking nos´╗┐ at the name time… i will never forget that experience

  27. TheKitty785

    to much sugar = this song´╗┐

  28. SilverNightmares3227


  29. MortimerGrofflehoff

    railslove brought me´╗┐ here.

  30. MrKillero220

    where is the loop?´╗┐

  31. TogeloverRandomness

    I’m´╗┐ proud to acknowledge that ponies introduced me to my favorite music-genre.

  32. AdmiralBurningskull

    I concur with the desire expressed. Make a longer one.
    Also: Shiro, man, dude. You´╗┐ see all this love up in here? You see what Alpha be sayin’? I think you just found the Scootaloo to your Rainbow Dash. Don’t mess this up. ­čśë

  33. AdmiralBurningskull

    Also, it’s´╗┐ awesome.

  34. FacePalm629

    *********READ THIS******** To help you a´╗┐ lot, type “repeat” Right after “youtube” in the URL.(This means type it before the period)

  35. KyuubiTV

    my favorite one´╗┐ so far :3

  36. AdmiralBurningskull

    So, I’ve watched the entire Mane Cast Trailer series, and, well…
    I still think this´╗┐ one is the best.
    Just sayin’.

  37. AdmiralBurningskull

    So what is your life, exactly? Telling others to get one?
    Have you watched the show? If so, watch more of it. If not, try it. You might like it.
    I’m reasonably sure that it is scientifically impossible to watch the entire show´╗┐ and not like at least part of it. Feel free to try and prove me wrong.

  38. perritachoquita

    Pinkie Pie:´╗┐ You are very crazy

  39. xdarkside19x

    Good for you.
    Now here’s what I recommend: get up, look in the mirror and contemplate what you’re´╗┐ doing with your life.

  40. deathbyninja51

    Download?´╗┐ <:D

  41. AlphaWolfShadow


    Sub, fave, like, share on FB, ALL OF MY LOVE!!!!!!!

    You wouldn’t, by any chance, be thinking about making a full 3-minute vid in the´╗┐ way of something like this, would you? ‘Cuz then not even Celestia could hold back the floodgates of love that would burst upon it and you.

    Just saying, ya know *wink wink, hint hint, nudge nudge, wub wub*

  42. Shiropoint

    Through´╗┐ the magic of friendship ­čśÇ

  43. DrPugjunior

    How´╗┐ did this get stuck in my head..

  44. JamesDawne

    1:08 Pinkie-Front-Hoof-Flip-Double-Kick in her face! XD´╗┐

  45. AJSnowDrift

    My god´╗┐ the bass.

  46. Anax2000

    this is just fucking AWSOME!´╗┐

  47. DarkProtoss123

    We have a life, otherwise we could not watch these videos.´╗┐
    We would be… you know… kinda dead.

  48. fun1k


  49. Nanertot

    0:50 DAT BASS´╗┐

  50. Nanertot

    I’m sorry, but I laughed entirely too´╗┐ hard at how ironic that is…

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