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first time in my new series of tutorials special effects for iMovie 09 and 11, this time with muzzle flashes, blood-strike, and explosions. Troubleshooting: – Make sure you check “video optimization” is not imported – If you have problems with the image in the image, read my response video below – Make sure the configuration image of the image does not fit to “fit in” BEFORE inserting your photos – if their insertions transparent film that looks good with a brush, but do not play in real time on iMovie, do not worry, they’ll have no problem after export – This is the most common problem that the material is not actually engaged in front
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This video shows the whole process makes me a typical video setup my project, what I can do to the files as I make them, and later, as I can encode my video. Note that these are not necessarily the best (no idea what the best settings in the configuration of the world), nor am I saying they are. Are unique values ​​that I like to use. . Easy encoder H264:
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. ClubbyClubman

    Hmm … Well, that’s very strange. I’ll take the whole system that you need? HD, headlights, ext folder … Everything? Interesting. Do you have one of the guys said in an Apple Store or a specialist? I must say that this is very strange.

  2. scarletngray97

    I bought it from a friend of mine. It is a 27-inch iMac. Version 10.6.8, 4 GB DDR3 1067 MHz

  3. ClubbyClubman

    Did you buy used? What is the operating system? What is the year? Actually, there is no message.

  4. themariobros888

    hey mate, every time I import a video canyon prekeyed that the flash is always the black background, and yes, I have unchecked optimize video

  5. themariobros888

    hey mate, every time I import a video canyon prekeyed that the flash is always the black background,

  6. scarletngray97

    Why does my mac have iMovie?

  7. KBTfilms

    ! PLEASE ANSWER! IMovie has “screen” blending modes, or “Add” I have?

  8. comeonfhqwhgads1

    Thank you very much. Now I can be a real movie editor …

  9. Snowwhite Articfox
    Snowwhite Articfox06-22-2012

    I can not get the material in my actual movie: (

  10. lucassteinbusch1

    How are the soudeffects?

  11. flyingboopity

    My experience is still transparent. Can anyone help?

  12. flyingboopity

    I love you

  13. The4gione

    Hey. I tried this, but I’m still the black background. I did everything I said. Now, we must take action Essentials 2?

  14. somatasc

    Hi Matt, I have a pre-assembled 2 effects footage long ago. Now I have more downloaded from there, and only the work of age, and each one I received recently still, the black background. Can you help me? Thank you!

  15. witeksworld

    iMovie comes with Macs and MacBooks. Need not be herunterzuladen.Zur Product Search and search for “iMovie” then just click and opens it.

  16. MattsMacintosh


  17. healingpsalmist

    You say you can create in Photoshop with a transparent background. I opened a new Photoshop document and ensured a transparent background was selected, which is not classified as dangerous file extension IMOVE accept? I have tried gif and not worked, and saved as a JPEG, the image is flattened on its experience. Help πŸ™‚

  18. alyssarangelactress

    I’m confused! So you can iMovie on the laptop or Mac, or whatever, I thought it was an iMovie app? And as you see on your laptop or Mac?

  19. TooP0sitive

    I do not even have a Mac πŸ™‚

  20. georgeaaron27

    Oh. Thank you! Now I know not to download from youtube. Do you know of other sites for the alpha channel?

  21. MattsMacintosh

    MP4 does not support alpha channels, so that you can download YouTube videos to be non-transparent background.

  22. georgeaaron27

    Aslo “Optimizing video” has not been tested

  23. georgeaaron27

    Hey Matt. When I downloaded a video from YouTube, claiming that it is a transparent background, but no. (By the way I’ve been through a YouTube converter). Could this be part of the problem?

  24. arachnid55

    I heard that the Action Essentials 2 will not work with iMovie. Is this wrong?

  25. Sh4d0wOwNx

    attitudes very good, works well for me! Thank you.

  26. wiiarewin

    AVerMedia this work?

  27. wiiarewin

    Will it work with AVerMedia

  28. Mock5505

    @ TheStormPow LOL, that was my problem … My Xbox HD is not set to 1080i …. Fixing …. But still in doubt for the bit rate … Should I change?

  29. Mock5505

    Lol @ TheStormPow not even know if my HD console is white but has HD cable xDIch

  30. TheStormPow

    If you are on a high definition console with HD cable, must be the input resolution 1280×720 or 1920×1080. I forget what my coding bit rate, but 6 does not sound so bad. Honestly though, I suggest you look at a tutorial for the HD PVR in contrast to this, however. That would be helpful.

  31. Mock5505

    When I burn the shit with the recording of the HDPVR stupid, the input resolution is 720 x 480 … And the encoding bit rate is 6.0 Should I change anything?

  32. GamersJoint

    Nope no option

  33. TheStormPow

    I’m pretty sure I said in the video, but you do. Avi issued in 1080 and put in the H264 encoder, which should be an option for 1080. If it does, then the 720p 1080p option will not be there, because it extends 720p to 1080p is just stupid lol.

  34. GamersJoint

    why no 1080p

  35. BigmanR99

    no matter, it was

  36. BigmanR99

    how to make a color corrector pre-set

  37. OfficialRilo

    . Thanks man, because I> like to upload videos to YouTube 1.60GB> What I was 10 times faster this time: P

  38. Galajaxium

    Thanks Storm, with this setting on my first climb in my gaming channel. It definitely helped me. : D

  39. TheFi3Ndx

    Used to make a laptop if you have a good graphics card, you need to take a while to do. Thanks for advice interlace flicker did not know, why not dass 54 frames, or what is in Las Vegas?

  40. leontinthepro

    U should check AVerMedia, there has been about the same as the Hauppauge, but there must be qualities or can record a computer, so u can while providing or videos.

  41. Om3gaPro

    You could use this thing and get a quality encoding BAM. Also thanks for the tip on the Inter-thing majig

  42. TheStormPow

    Meh, I get better quality than there are in general (especially if I have the extreme option, or even collect what ever) when they make it up to WMV or MP4, at least in my experience.

  43. Om3gaPro

    Lol, but I think you’re basically a video processing twice, not just a waste of time?

  44. TheStormPow

    Yes, but if you encode the file size is always very good <300 MB, which is great for me is shiternet: D

  45. Om3gaPro

    60GB fuck buddy? I took part. Wmv and my files are a little less than 1 GB

  46. DarthBlader12

    I’m doing it anyway … I use reletivley the same thing.

  47. MrXFactorProductions


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