iMovie 11′ Walkthrough


iMovie 11' Walkthrough

New video tutorial of iMovie 11

HD: Amazon MP3 store: Twitter: booking: Podcast: gear used Korg Kaoss Pad 3: Loops, Looper(snare rolls), Grainshifter Korg Kaossilator: Noise Sweeps (path: K01-Mini KP(Delay)-Mixer)
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  1. sensibilita

    and what about you, douchebag??? I think he’s put together an excellent overview!!

  2. LSelecDgns

    that’s just weird. all of my projects are 30fps!

  3. flamebalzer

    so true

  4. flamebalzer

    I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. narcissusdark

    imovie on the pad and iphone have different themes, like travel and news report, the one on the mac doesnt feature these, why not?

  6. TangDynasty83

    hahahaha 😀

  7. angelachannel

    Thanks for this video. Can you make a tutorial on how to make the transition from a pc to iMac for movie editing? For example importing all of the sound files from the pc to the iMac, locating the movie tracks in the iMac and anyything else helpful when first making the switch.

  8. ArmAndTrout

    same here!…..4 months ago…..ur gonna love it

  9. shrestha37

    Fantastic useful infromation Weldon keep it up maite thank you.

  10. wilbursalazar

    i just got my macbook pro!!!!!!

  11. ThatMagicPenguin

    Can someone really please help me!?!? I really don’t know what 2 do. I have a iMac Lion right and I don’t know what iMovie I have but whatever it is its really annoying and I can’t figure out how 2 use it. It doesn’t have any of those buttons AT ALL. It had a tutorial and I clicked next and then there was no help even though it said I can click the help button BUT I CANT FIND IT!! 🙁

  12. Revelation125

    i refuse to get tec advise off someone that still uses ‘Limewire’ !!!

  13. Appleaddict22

    Well I haven’t seen Apple’s one, so i must be quite good huh? 😉

  14. zitzerman

    You video is a straight copy of Apple’s tutorial, except that they do it a lot better.

  15. Ldoc1996

    I need help with something on imovie, i want the music to start at the start of my video but i want the song to begin from a minute in so that when my friend hits the rail at the start its when the beat drops does anyone know how to do this?

  16. 1schoolnerd

    “I sound like Fred ” lol

  17. PerryThePlatypus3

    Does anyone know how youtubers put two videos picture in picture?

  18. H3S2A2N1

    i need more tutorials

  19. burpo

    This isn’t a tutorial.

  20. burpo

    I think it’s more like, rain or shine, the show must go on.

  21. bboychris168

    how long did it take you to upload this video?

  22. MrPianoplayer10

    You can download off the app store.

  23. dawgscast

    hey yeah thanks a lot i just downloaded this because i had been using iMovie ’09! which was pretty terrible for my videos

  24. dadonkeyman

    there not pointless it just depends what your into..

  25. gregmartin64

    Cheers for this intro. It’s a great video. Just turned in my PC and got a mini mac, so will look forward to doing some of my music videos with this.

  26. Domo22xD

    too long start and to bord!!! 😛

  27. DailyDosageOfDaft1


  28. muzik4machines

    yep, since its a synth, it produces audio by itself

  29. DailyDosageOfDaft1

    thanks and im assuming that the same goes with the kaossilator pro?

  30. muzik4machines

    the kaossilator yes, the mini kp produces no sound unless there is some audio fed in it

  31. DailyDosageOfDaft1

    if you want to have one individually do you just hook it up to speakers?

  32. muzik4machines

    thanks a lot mate 🙂

  33. Slotchrisi

    you are absolutly amazing! Keep it up!

  34. muzik4machines

    hosa RCA (m) to RCA(m) 3 inches patch cables, comes in packs of 8 colored cables

  35. justin23000

    Hey man, awesome composition! Funny little question though, where do you get/what kind are those patch cables? All the RCA’s that i find are so boring looking . . .

  36. silentbob45

    thanks a lot man

  37. muzik4machines

    k01 into the minikp
    mini kp inth the KP3 ins
    kp3 outs to the mixer and then in the laptop input
    no multi touch on any kaoss device unfortunatelly

  38. silentbob45

    how do you have all these connected and what are you running the through? and can you multi-touch on the kaossilator?

  39. muzik4machines

    violin is a really great instrument to master touch control, as you really learn to space your finger uniformely from one tme to another, i wish i could play a bowed instrument, anyone of them lol

  40. maxflamehead

    and my parents told me to learn to play the violin HA!

  41. muzik4machines

    thanks a lot, its me playing on the kaossilator, sampling loops in the kaoss pad 3 and drowning i all with fx

  42. maxflamehead

    im not even sure what i just watched but it was amazing

  43. StarmanDeluxe2001

    This is SO freakin sick!! You’ve got master talent on those things

  44. loociousz

    just saved some money up for the purchase 🙂 well… I have taken the mopho off for now, just gonna use the Waldorf Blofeld, Roland SH-201, same soundcard and monitors to start with… Well they have launched the Cubase Studio 5 and Cubase 5, maybe I’ll add a Clavia Nord Lead 2x or Virus C, not sure yet 🙂

  45. grenadezeroone

    Dang… big spender… haha. Well it sounds like a pretty rad setup to me. I’ll be super jealous, if you post videos send them to me! I haven’t really played with the motu so i cant comment on that. Cubase is oldschool hahaha.  I haven’t used it since like 1998! 🙂 didnt know they still updated it regularly.

  46. loociousz

    Well think I have found my setup, but think for your help… right now I’m leaning towards a MOTU ULTRALITE MKIII, DSI Mopho (mainly bass), Waldorf Blofeld (mainly effects), Novation Nocturn (controlling VST-plugins) and KRK RP 5 G2, working together wiith Cubase Studio 5…. think I’m gonna route the Blofeld (midi I/O motu) and Mopho other outs and in, ofc. the KRK with stereo… although there could be another (don’t know) but is this a good setup or not? for a beginner 🙂

  47. grenadezeroone

    im thinking about selling my kp3 and my friend is selling his esx-1. I’m totally keeping the kaossilator though… I LOVE that thing. I can get faded and sit there for hours with it. Then again… although I’ve gotten the most use out of it in terms of…well using it… i haven’t recorded anything from it. It’s just a whole lotta fun.

  48. grenadezeroone

    I think if you made loops on the esx-1 and then applied the FX to them on the kp3 then recorded to cubase… and did this for every single loop you did…individually… you could get around that… but i dunno. maybe im wrong & theres a way. i havent fully figured out the kp3 yet. in any case id rather have a good soundcard, a good controller with keys/sliders/knobs, and lastly a good synth that can get sound no softsynths really get… cuz you can really do any beat in a daw right?

  49. grenadezeroone

    lol I meant to say kaossilator and a kp3 below. But yeah I suppose thats possible. The kp3 doesnt have a whole lot of options really. you can just record four (up to) 16 beat samples and basically only adjust the volume of them. also as far as i can tell, you can only apply the effects to the entire signal going through the kp3…and not to individual samples that you sampled. I’m trying to figure out if theres a way to only use the kp3’s effects on one of the sampled buttons,idk

  50. loociousz

    Okay… My idea is to use the esx-1 and kp3 as the mixing unit with the all the sound I got and then record it into cubase and afterworse edit it in cubase and supply the track with effects the esx-1 and kp3 can’t do… Would that be possible?

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