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Cosa for you iniziare with il Progetto? Questo: youtubers Salvo, questo è il secondo video, Sul “how to” say After Effects. I Inizierò with tutorial “basic” tutto cominciando dall’inizio Adatto chi esperienza not against, the AU. In Seguito, tutti i caricherò spiegati in tutorial mode basilar i principianti by iniziare speciale With poi gli effetti riguardanti Tutorial Tutorial 2.5 – BASE – per i principianti.
Video Rating: 4/5

style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Green Screen parody of Star Wars

Obi Won Kenobi If …
Video Rating: 4/5

  1. SerjicalCodEdit

    Ma Come Faccio effetto mettere a United Nations tutto il secondo not ma video qualche solo?

  2. Dave94203

    ho prisoner appena eggs after a CS5 Wed Perche per lavoro che col avevo iniziato CS3 now But Che “Quando il ….. piu serve APRO file and che tutto ok il just come effetti Mar Mançano alcuni cc radial blur quickly and altri che With iniziano cc …. semper come posso averli sai?

  3. aftereffectsITA

    Impara a Scrive scrivere.Si deficiente.Unkenntnis. . .

  4. bellapetuttidario93


  5. aftereffectsITA

    Sincerely c’è Basso A piccola “icon” Guarda il video piu. 😉

  6. RuLeZGamesClan

    I have ad allungare Faccio Spazio di lavoro delle timeline? : (Not nessuna C’E ‘interim fraccetta latitudes allungarla

  7. alberto56946

    i ho video scaricato Che Hai ma Quando gli Messo sulla descrizione imported Your After Effects Wed dice: no sea flow rate posso TYPE suportato come?

  8. TheSgtluca

    ma of the United Nations with ONE type che registration filmato in motion A Quindi macchina if muove l ‘. I io fa effetto voglio Your United Nations Building I ma io Wed ESCE Metto effetto perchè l’il male-the macchina Quindi filmato yes yes muove FA are a no-fa l’effetto muove?

  9. aftereffectsITA

    Guarda questo video e-tutorial i Segui c’è quello che fa the case Tuo ;)? V = YW-clock JbSUk3_V

  10. cncnco10

    Ma che Party Case mettiamo STA Quando The Girl in the Telo own Posa davanti Voglia your video prendere Sopra il sua testa appena soloist and Quindi Tagliare tutta the ex parte di Sopra IF A FA … Come Tagliare a di-video? Nessuno lo May has spiegatop and miles Seeding One Thing abbastanza utile.Sai come dirmi If può rate?

  11. aftereffectsITA

    Save: Ulteriori informazioni 🙂

  12. aftereffectsITA

    Molto più Meglio has molti Nachwirkungen.After effects effetti 😉

  13. aftereffectsITA

    If you can not move farlo c’è il video mode, Guarda il video: Keys Animazione e> / watch? V = FYGl0bC_ViY

  14. YoungChildStars

    and how you can cut or true character of the film and add ypurself?

  15. YoungChildStars

    awesome! what program is that?

  16. NewAgeDirector

    Great video keep up the good work.

  17. SoulPilotPerry

    That was one of the best I’ve seen on YouTube haben.Wie seized the YouTube police harassing you about copyright infringement for the use of real Star Wars movie scenes? They gave me vids for audio only with the “Star Spangled Banner” in a mine. I had the audio redub .. So tell this video of a possible violation of copyright?

  18. donaldthescotishtwin

    Damn it would lead the way to do as

  19. aSm0jUiCe

    Twelve and thirty-four Yes! Masturbater …

  20. CBfrmcardiff

    This is technically brilliant, but apart from making us feel all nostalgic, and demonstrate their skills, which is the “point” of the video? How is a parody? Maybe you should change your name?

  21. alexovie

    Unfortunately, … Yes, this took a long time to do.

  22. FooYooProductions

    Very good work!

  23. sonicdistortions

    WOW! That was great!

  24. jhall7099

    This is Badass

  25. Brainless360

    Dude, good job … ok … it was amazing! …. How can the new one? I mean, Softwear Do I need also the impact on the sword again … That was amazing 5 stars! … I want to win again, but with a different line at the end like Obi.

  26. Stylez1001

    AWESOME *** Palmas

  27. flipkilby

    well done alex Kenobi!

  28. sickman19

    joooooooooooob beautiful! Large adjustments in Chile!

  29. alexovie

    for most of the recordings, I created my own background scenes with still images from different scenes of the film, I have only masked Vader.

  30. sxephlI

    where the real Obi Wan is going? how do we get the recordings?

  31. alexovie

    Thank you! I can not really remember how long it lasted. I only know that has a very long time. It was a total of 70 clips of 1:59 seconds. I filmed and edited each one separately. Each separate clip had at least a couple of hours. When I started, I would do the first 10 seconds or so, but it was so good I had to move on. I’m glad you liked it, it was probably the funniest thing I’ve done. Thank you again.

  32. Branzx

    Hello again it was really good! How long it takes, both the filming and editing? .. Great vid 5stars anyway!

  33. bronsondaggers

    I think my favorite part was the way the hat as the bottom after the starb.und eheh see how Darth Vader in Anfang.Mein just thought it might be a differnt line then uses the old “can not win Darth” something funny or original or the patent.

  34. dudeboy524

    Wow! I have tried to create this and it took me forever! But it was only a draft of 20 seconds. But that was awesome!

  35. leoconti96

    It’s really good! Good job! Brazil

  36. goldenjabba

    chroma good work 🙂

  37. eddie659

    And it was from scratch, I’m not sure how to use plug-ins yet.

  38. eddie659

    I’m not sure why no motion blur is enabled, to be sure to press the motion blur and nothing changes. I can try a green screen project on the weekend … You have inspired me, health!

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