Immediately after Effects tutorial – breaks and at the disintegration the effect February 1


several requests for this, so here it is. How to get the impact at the end of Coldplay Viva La Vida music video, which reach to break the band members. Portion 1 of 2 password, so do not commence the second bit. Did not you just hate the maximum of ten minutes to central tube? Video Rating: 4/5

  1. montgal52

    Yes, I downloaded one of his tutorials to create DVD menus from scratch. He is also good. But I have only one criticism – that is only “one tab” .. too fast in some of the features Otherwise, it’s great!

  2. Christianpylesiswhom

    You should check out Andrew Kramer, who has very good tutorials and

  3. montgal52

    This is an excellent teacher. I say this because I am a novice in the EA. I know nothing about the more advanced features, you have to explain. But curiously, I understood everything you said and you are perfect. You have your item (important) and showed “step by step”, which has not complied with (this is important). That said, I’ve subscribed to your channel. My skills have improved a lot thanks to you. Thank you.

  4. Keepsweep1

    Hey you young once on limited information, such as breaking the action that would put in the timeline? Yours GrüßenKeepsweep1

  5. Bailthesnail

    I can not get the lady layer on top of the fractal film, I use Luma Matte sure you are well?

  6. TopCat71113

    You would with Adobe Flash

  7. PCBCmovies

    Oh man, have a hard time determining what you mean by support. Your XD [right?

  8. themadcowmoo

    Not a click, simply press the left bracket key on your keyboard (next to P on the keyboard)

  9. PCBCmovies

    At 3:19, where you have to?

  10. DustySpitter

    if I have an introduction to my website, is like asking which posisble Type a word to the video and if u press the Enter key disintergrate the sick?

  11. xenopeltismulticolor

    You can mask. find some tutorials on masking and keyframes

  12. fogfrogblog

    yup that is, if you have a lot of time on their hands! First, it must end by drawing a Bezier curve to a character, then do the same for all 24 frames per second. That’s why we invented the green screen because their work by placing crazy that in this way

  13. vegeta1234

    How can an effect as the fish swarm the football movie scene that may Soccer Soccer

  14. raisismith

    Question: Is there any way in After Effects to isolate a character in a scene and the green screen in the background so that only the character’s movement still exist I ask because I made an introduction of fear with the beloved characters? past and present, creating horror films like, but I do not want to show the splinter effect with the whole scene, but can only Physical Features nutzen.Wenn far could you please point me in the right direction to understand this ?

  15. BlackBeMe

    not mind my last comment, I thought I was mixing my projects. Thanks, but much of this video (all videos actually), taught me how to influence the majority.

  16. BlackBeMe

    I took the “snapshot” image. (IM operated with one hand). It is a still image, but when I apply the break revive FX. I click the box that says “white tiles fixed” the hand is still new, but still easy on the screen after the break. Why?

  17. kymbo72

    Is there a way to break something in a video clip, and not all the pieces fly off the screen? for example. in a video if I break something in my hands was like that all the pieces of land on the ground instead of the screen? Any effect of making the work will be well, not “crush” the effect is

  18. themadcowmoo

    It’s nobody’s fault. This is a complex interaction with many options. Try something light and easy to break something like a still image of only the effect of series. To see then play with the sliders and settings, you can achieve what

  19. asderso

    themadcowmoo when I try to create this effect and can not do that means it’s my fault, or is very difficult to produce effects?

  20. themadcowmoo

    Or share Laye and implementation of the chip in the unit of the division

  21. pappenzi

    You have to take the Frame layer and drag it to the works right?

  22. bullseye283

    my picture is already at the time the movie comes to destroy wtf?

  23. ahmedistight

    Id love it if you let us know how to edit the text to show … Please reply: ‘(

  24. Beograd0boy

    hmm looks better if there was a fire disintegrait Effekttrotzdem good work 🙂



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