Immediately after Effects – Efecto texto metálico


video producido por Video con dimensiones HD, para disfrutarlo a full screen. Disponible también en Vimeo en donde la calidad del video es superior.
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Adobe After Effects CS6 – New Feature Highlights are demonstrated by creative director, motion graphic artist and Author – Angie Taylor – You can find more of her training videos here: System Requirements for After Effects CS6: A movie about Open GL/ GPU requirements for 3D: All the titles highlighted in black are free to view.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. masterdvdfull2011

    Muy bueno, muchas gracias!!

  2. fantom76fa76


  3. gaborkbt

    perfecto todo, solo una cosa… como duplico el texto??

  4. cmurillo821

    Me regalas un proyecto tuyo solo para cambiarle el nombre

  5. fantom76fa76

    El formato es PNG

  6. fantom76fa76

    Está en PNG para que acepte transparencias

  7. keverde60

    que formato tiene la imagen de adidas?

  8. fantom76fa76

    Hola, Asegúrate de aplicar el CC radial fast blur. CC es la abraviación de CyCore que son unos plugins que vienen con after… no deberías descargarlos por aparte. Si tienes Shine de Trapcode puedes hacer lo mismo con un efecto visual más interesante.

  9. MegaParrandero

    Venìa bàrbaro el tutorial..pero me trabè donde le pides al programa el efecto:blur &sharpen…en la capa que le puse el nombre sombras…como si hubiera que descargarlo de algun lado…es asì?

  10. CR15M1X

    oye amigo to qiero hacer pero qe solo sea un texto sin movimiento ni nada soloo texto que me recomiendas..?? tambn el after..? o algun otro programa..?

  11. dark3285


  12. fantom76fa76

    Pásame tu proyecto y lo reviso.

  13. fantom76fa76

    Envíame tu proyecto a y lo reviso!!

  14. drmigeru

    q buen tutorial lo felicito tengo un problema cuando precompongo el texto se cambia la letra pero no la letra biselada, q tengo q hacer ???

  15. xxxxWilfrodoxxxx

    eres un pro!!! gracias por ese tutorial tan útil. saludos

  16. ShuraYagami

    como pongo la inscripcion? es que me dice que es anulada o algo asi…, si me pueden ayudar se los agradeceria

  17. lichudance

    pasame el link donde descargaste ese programa men xD

  18. MultiTerranova

    Buen tut… 🙂

  19. Mraomar1


  20. Tiquitacahithat

    Muchas gracias, un efecto muy conseguido!

  21. viviannamendes

    Em 1997, uma garota chamada Lauren estava caminhando em uma floresta, e de repente desapareceu, ninguém nunca encontrou-a até 2000, quando uma outra menina chamada Maria encontrou o corpo e marcas em seu peito, disseram: Não era bonita o suficiente “e, agora, você leu isso, ela aparecerá em seu espelho dizendo que você não é bonito o suficiente e matá-lo! (pela forma como o menina chamada Mary morreu pouco depois) Para se salvar colar este para 5 outros vídeos é verdade

  22. fantom76fa76

    Hola, todos los tipos de capas se pueden duplicar seleccionándolas y dando el comando CTRL+D

  23. diegolaree

    con que tecla duplicaste la capa de texto ?????? gracias muy buen tuto. 😀

  24. jackimn2008

    After effects cs6 Why you No Bone tool

  25. LeighDdrumDalton

    After Affects is not for editing…it is compositing software…So, if it is adding in visual effects and what not, yes this software is the best for it but for editing I would recommend Sony Vegas pro or if you are used to adobe get premier pro. Plus by sticking with adobe you can edit some clips and link them into after effects and composite them there so that helps save time with rendering 🙂 Happy editing….or compositing…..or both 😛

  26. VixLordAmizexiV1

    say u have cs5 and you have twixtor,twicth,looks would u need to download those thing again 😕

  27. andresandmanowar

    finally i get cs5 and im “learning” from video copilot

  28. ShortMoviesAction

    YES! i started with 5.5 and in a week or so i was much better. try cs6 and tell me how it works out for you

  29. andresandmanowar

    hi i want to start to edit videos and i ve no experience with this programs :S do you recomend me cs6 for start editing?

  30. TheCardsProduction

    Varying mask feather is amazing!!!!! you have no idea how many times ive needed that and had to make crazy comps just to get a simple mask around an object or two

  31. maxvharper

    What about final cut pro? Is that just apples answer to Premiere or After effects?

  32. macdonna

    Thank you, I’m so glad you like it. I’ll be posting more soon :-)

  33. macdonna

    After Effects is an application designed for high-end compositing, visual effects & motion graphics. It includes comprehensive and flexible effects & titling tools as well as 3D environment, scripting and more. It is not a good choice to use for editing video however. Because it renders more complex graphics and effects at highest quality it is not as straightforward to see the footage in real time which would make for a frustrating editing experience. I hope this answers your question. 🙂

  34. macdonna

    Hi there, good question. The answer is that they are each designed for a different purpose. Premiere Pro is a video editing application. It’s designed to cut video from all sorts of formats in real time. It also includes some effects and basic titling features but is essentials an editor.

  35. kuunami

    After effects and Premiere do completely different things. Premiere is for video editing and after effects is for motion graphics, compositing and visual effects.

  36. maxvharper

    I’ve always wondered this. Why does Adobe have premiere and after affects? Is one better then the other? If so then wouldn’t they discontinue the other one?

  37. h5vhh

    Or SynthEyes, PFTrackm etc. which I benefit from.

  38. macdonna

    I agree that 3D in AE CS6 is fairly embryonic and has a way to go before it really can compare to using a dedicated 3D app but having said that, it’s handy to be able to do the odd bit of work without leaving the app. I can’t wait to see how it develops in future versions though! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  39. macdonna

    Thank you! :-)

  40. macdonna

    Nice! Thanks for sharing :-)

  41. macdonna

    Thank you! :-)

  42. macdonna

    You should check the list of supported cards on the Adobe website. There’s a link above to the system Requirements 🙂

  43. CGGaming917

    I think adobe shoud work on cross platforming with the current 3D software out there. Granted some of the new features are great. But texturing inside of AE and PSD is going to be a bitch. And best done inside of 3DS, C4D or your software of choice.

  44. iMercury989

    4gb is low… buy more ram…. graphic is ok… but more important is processor…


    ur voice is sexy 😛

  46. SkitsAndShorts

    Cool, i made a new intro useing this, /watch?v=al6xIb-NhKI&

  47. yaseen22n

    قاق عليكم ياعيل الكلاب

  48. mrnomore

    the information about new features in CS6 is very limited so im really greatful for this kind of videos. good info wrapped in favorite accent. pleasure to watch. thank you

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