Images of “soft” cooperation ─ connection MAGIX Film Edit Pro 17 (MX 16) tutorial


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In this tutorial (basic) I explain how to connect a video with images more or less, you know your husband can not see borders, but we know Unfortunately that was part of a lightweight mesh edges are blurred. Here is the link to the alpha masks Cave Two: (The exact features of the product video deluxe versions einen view)
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  1. VideoDeluxeTutorials

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  2. Didifuzi

    Try Shift + Enter in the editor otherwise the next level and wrote clean copy here …

  3. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Oh, I mean, I can not just put more points, when I enter the pressure, SE posted the comment. Appears to be well with you is not the case, right? 😉

  4. Didifuzi

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  5. Didifuzi

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  6. Didifuzi

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  7. VideoDeluxeTutorials

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  8. Didifuzi

    In addition … HAY (available software was not given Zwischenexportverlusste) Possible 4 Image 4 * with the mask die’d then, as the progressions of right and bottom of your doing, not the top left of this transforms the overall picture, and just turned 180 ° also applies to the lower right image (DEM properly placed and scaliert) If I put a fake give me modest, but so also faith Can someone dies to improve the quality and I would however Einfachergreez

  9. Didifuzi

    Even a couple of things I could say was there yet, I think the resolution is not as intelligent film die with the language, I would die I adapt to my videos as full HD video to the position and size (even in the middle of the image (thickness) of the HD-10 px) ….

  10. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Jap.Video SE Deluxe 17 Premium.

  11. Princepsfemina123

    Does the intro available with MAGIX DONE? : D


    Hi Can you die Aplha seedback new masks?

  13. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Do not panic, others involved in Sindh.

  14. wieselhose

    Aha! ok, yes, but please continue with OK cave tutorials?

  15. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    yes, probably due to the last 6 months so far no one called the hat link 😉 The video seems less interesting for their welfare. Well ^ ^

  16. wieselhose

    IF I could push on the link below GIVEN not presented the case of loss?

  17. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    So many shortcuts that are not actually used (?). Just Ctrl + arrow (up / down) on the screen UM or inches. . Zoom Otherwise, the usual Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V to copy objects and einzufügen.Werde that yet, but will be very soon ^ ^

  18. 61MinutenSex

    Well done! Die shortcuts to the measures taken show is also very useful software. Much of the proverbial Magix works 🙂 Thanks to take care of himself and SicherJan

  19. VideoDeluxeTutorials

    Aaaah yes soon ^ ^

  20. 8HopesBeats

    Cumulative effect of the mask tutorial? 🙂

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