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Leading VFX house Framestore in London took steps IKinema, accurate and realistic animations to create complex visual effects sequences, published recently in the Wrath of the Titans. With new flexibility and armed with a pipe Framestore reinforced and further dynamic new ways to think about actions solver and animation toolset.

movement and performance of three very different characters Cyclops was studied carefully before the mocap shoot. Motion capture is known for taking on a mo-capped and feeling lost in detail at any time during the life cycle of the data. Framestore found the solver is incredibly necessary to adapt the solver. Actors Actions movement and performance unique ability helped retargeting mocap data in creatures with different scales to expedite the process. Nico Scapel, Framestore rig boss explains the real challenge is to get accurate and truthful representation of the movement of the players. By superimposing IKinemas solver camera calibration material witness, we can see how well the solver matches the movement of the players.

The software allows developers to control ex creative and work under the skin of free assets tuning and proper role models, compared to conventional rigid. Scapel, the key is how big mocap gives animation. Many studies have mocap department, the editorial team of a great movement that can not do is the art and animation with mocap, so it makes working in the recording violin and then it comes to entertainment, less frequently than with get excited. We wanted to be as close as possible to give the animators to brute force, and work it from there. The team aims to apply various skills gear StretchIK actions and functions of its portfolio later productions.

CEO Alexandre Pechev

IKinema were very happy to have a hand in providing framestores animation processes. We have developed a close relationship with the team at Framestore and be good there to support them. This is a great example of customer information, we are able to bring new ideas and technologies to the industry.



IKinema technology allows users to create and redirect the data directly into Maya, in real time and at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. IKinema converts virtually any computer skeleton model for full function while generating fluid and life-like animation full body for a wide range of characters. Retargeting can also be performed by other models for quick adjustments of existing assets or directly from motion capture data as placeholders and data sets. Other features include bookmark StretchIK extend real-time solution to the spine and neck and bone manipulation, real-time links to Vicon and Xsens motion capture systems for real-time transmission, shift and data logging , and the automatic balance masses and mid-animation control quickly. For more information and a video of the technology, please visit: http://www.ikinema.com/Maya.html

About Framestore
has over 20 years experience in digital film and video technology, with offices in London, New York and Reykjavik. He recovered and nominations for dozens of international awards for his work in major films productions. In 2008, Framestore won a BAFTA and an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in recognition of polar bears and environments they created for The Golden Compass. In 2009 he was nominated for the same prices for the work in The Dark Knight. Framestore also the only British plant was shooting Avatar, James Cameron’s film that won the Oscar Award 2010 for Best Visual Effects. In 2011 was Framestore for Best Visual Effects Oscar nominated again for work in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 was completed in 2012 and a BAFTA for Framestore work nominated for “War Horse.

recent projects include the film: Gravity and “47 Ronin”



Based in the UK, IKinema uses patent-pending technology for fast resolution of the whole body and animation. With customers framestores London preview Twentieth Century Fox studio apartment, IKinemas technology allows animators character rig and current record and redirect the motion capture data in a fraction of the time and cost of alternative solutions. Available as game middleware, standalone software or an online solution. IKinemas ready to radically simplify workflows motion capture for professional production studios and bring real-time editing of motion available to home users technology

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