If your cat is confused about the option voice?


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not sure how to vote on 5 May? Confused about AV, the alternative vote, and first place in the past? Think about how you feel your cat needs! In this video, the problem is a friendly cat! Here is one response to AZ No campaign is: bit.ly reform and the cat has its own Facebook page! www.facebook.com shirts, his voice and metaphor versus meowing in the back: bit.ly screenshots Battle Cat and Cat supporters Reform: Reform of the CAT: Cat i.imgur.com Battle i.imgur . com: i.imgur. com you can VOTE Ask Kitteh i.imgur.com A cat looks at the video: tinyurl.com Chris Rowe Chris@midnightcrow.co.uk Generated concepts of Daniel Henry and Babakar Mevan amazing cats are based on the cat green screen footage challenge SMPInteractives to: youtu.be ****** DISCLAIMER This video is no presumption that dog owners are more likely to vote No, not that the dogs are made of natural rights. The video was made just for cats, cats, which is slightly biased against dogs. If you want to replace only what can be the cat’s favorite animals 🙂 Thanks to Andrew Kramer for his great graphics tutorial in www.videocopilot.net The first part is confusing Monty Python sketch-a-Cat. http Well done, if referred 😉 Official Campaign: Campaign things www.yestofairervotes.org.uk www.facebook.com unofficial impressive on a trailer: www.youtube.com (Battle Cat is a copyright and / or registered trademarks of Mattel and traditional media) alternative voice says!
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  1. PrincessSpaghetti98

    Just as you help me with my assessment of this PSHE! <3Thaaaanks xox

  2. carultch

    Watch this video :/ watch? Y = V = _95I_1rZiIs relmfu Feature

  3. carultch

    Actually, no: area codes in the U.S. are closer to FPTP statewide, then merged based on the national level count delegates from each state.

  4. TheThomaswastaken

    The AV system is identical to the primary colors in the U.S.

  5. modumadman

    Kittehs Thanks so much!

  6. irishgodfatherchris

    and I do not know its an issue that can not be answered

  7. irishgodfatherchris

    because no matter what you do when you do what Israel is doing to end the voters, with a disproportionate amount of power

  8. Treblaine

    Ah, yes, where do you see most of the differences? How many senators must receive each region / country, and why this system can be working for a lower house?

  9. irishgodfatherchris

    Please contact us anyway, yes, because we have a task, of course, but we also have a conservative coalition of about 4 parts, which function as a unit, whether in government or opposition and we also have a member of Green, 1 Katter Party member from Australia, Nationals 1 WA Member and independents 3.

  10. irishgodfatherchris

    The Northern Territory has two senators, because they have an area as a State, the Australia Capital Territory, only states can have 12 senators.

  11. mikeymikemikey1

    Actually there is nothing to do with the current system, which was the frustration of people with liberal Democrats and bright, and it was a FU to them: The vote was also held at a stupid, and people thought, “expected min division, Ed Miliband, the head of labor, since this system, and is a complete asshole” (Work wanted his brother), so … bit of a mess I personally do not think the system makes a difference, but idk, that means a lot to do in Australia, or forget to basically have a two-party dominance?

  12. Treblaine

    So you’re saying, Northern Territory has 12 senators, although only one window of 230,000, while New South Wales has only 12 senators, but has a population of 7.23 million people. 31x difference in Darstellung.Ich imagine the parties are choosing to focus a lot in the Northern Territory.

  13. irishgodfatherchris

    70% of the 41% who said they did not really choose, that’s a shame, because I assure you that in Australia have been following the referendum on the whole face palmed when we found out, he lost the vote No2AV camp allows us were quite angrily away with what they did because most of what the facts, which were poor misinformation or a lie. I explained 2% less and the vote invalid

  14. irishgodfatherchris

    But this is very well I thought I was implying that prevents my state (Victoria) and that each voter would have a different number of seats, take my countries of the Senate (Australia) as an example of each state, regardless of size, 12 senators and thus negating New South Wales, senators from other states, because if it was proportional to the population of Victoria and New South Wales, most of the senators who have missed the point and the rest of the chamber.

  15. Treblaine

    Not too much weight in the cities, because that’s where most people. Democracy is the power given by the people … areas no matter how few people. If a rural district has a population too low, it should be combined with neighboring groups werden.Dünn populated areas geographically large enough to have bigger catchment area. therefore, the entire county of Avon with the highest number of seats as Birmingham or a quarter of London. Each area would have approximately the same population.

  16. mikeymikemikey1

    70% said no, lol

  17. irishgodfatherchris

    But that’s giving too much weight to large cities are more like places than others, which could not be won in these show smaller areas. It’s a damned if you do, bad if you do not

  18. Treblaine

    Now there are many different ways to proportional representation, for example I have broken an electoral district for each county, city, and (for large cities like London) areas within the cities of seats available by the population of each constituency , so that large electoral districts seats haben.Partei the distribution of seats is the percentage of votes in each constituency.

  19. irishgodfatherchris

    in my country that will not happen compared to the big parties because parties such as the Coalition (the 4 games we have more or less as a unit), white, work, and green field candidates in all seats, although I see where you are, but if you bring in Puerto Rico were some questions should be addressed. For example, what would the vote threshold would be an open list system or closed, how many voters would be there, what would the allocation process and what kind of system of proportional representation.

  20. Treblaine

    Why not for the Lower House (House of Commons)? Look, provided we have a seat available for voting-poll/constituency, the largest party is almost always greater than% of the seats have% of the votes! AV is a strong solution and for this Problem.Land inherent abstract mathematics with 10 constituencies to win game, a state in seven constituencies in each of 60%, Part B + C are all but won only 3 (where dominates). Hmm, you’re back ~ 40% of the vote to 70% of the seats! Although AV!

  21. irishgodfatherchris

    I would not support, but for a lower house.

  22. Treblaine

    The fact that the parties so rarely successful for all seats are not thinking that they will not win games konnte.Die smaller almost everywhere and lose almost everywhere scattergun approach to build up to 30% of remaining 60% of the seats in the type and Stimmen.Die way to solve this is with the AV, but have fewer members in relation to geography, since they are not a specific area of ​​political ideals, but ideals through different groups of problems, large areas with more seats Land.Das voices by area.

  23. irishgodfatherchris

    How can it be acceptable for a weighted voting system that can run 40% of the national vote in 70% of the seats.

  24. Treblaine

    Now excuse me, but what is special about most? A majority (50%) is to rule out any special license the moral principle. The only thing is, most of which is closer to a unanimous vote: an ideal result. It is arbitrary to say 50% is sufficient to target a 60% or even 75%! Votes are not lost if your choice is unlikely to win, is still denied a great game, one vote, and it shows in the polls influence party policy minor. It is clear what people want.

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