How to Use Lights In Adobe Right after Effects


How to Use Lights In Adobe After Effects

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Lights in Adobe After Effects work very similarly to lights in real life. You can change their intensity by making them either brighter or darker. You can open and close their cone angle to make them shine a small spotlight or a wide flood light. Start by creating a new Composition. Navigate to the top menu bar and click Composition — New Composition or press Command+N on your keyboard. This will reveal the Composition Settings dialog box. Choose your settings and click OK. Navigate back to the top menu bar and click Layer — New — Solid. Choose your Solid Settings in the dialog box that shows and click OK. This will create a two-dimensional colored solid in your Composition window. Click the 3D Layer icon in the bottom panel to the left of the Timeline. This will allow you to push the solid back in three-dimensional space so you can shine light from the foreground on to the solid behind it. Select the Type Tool and create some text in the middle of your Composition window. Click the 3D Layer icon associated with this text path to make it three-dimensional as well. Now you’re ready to create a Light. Navigate to the top menu bar and click Layer — New — Light. This will reveal the Light Settings dialog box, in which you can choose a Light Type, Intensity, Cone Angle, Cone Feather, Color, amount of Shadow Darkness and amount of Shadow Diffusion. Adjust your light’s settings and make sure the Casts Shadows box is checked before

  1. directorzachsaez

    thanks man

  2. mason21000

    It works

  3. petenicezz

    hello , i do this and it doesn’t pop up the light

  4. jzwaxman

    No joke mate, you’re the best ‘tutorialer’ on youtube…you make it seem so easy!

  5. juspeaceoutpplz

    Awesome tutorials, also i wanted to know how to use adobe illustrator works in after effects..

  6. juspeaceoutpplz

    never mind i found it 🙂

  7. juspeaceoutpplz

    I can’t see the material options in my text layer..?

  8. SheBangzTV

    Thank you! This is the only video that was actually clear and helped me understand!


    Your soo good, I subd and will prob fav all your vids, Your helping me 100% THANK YOU!!!

  10. thehedgeboy

    i have done everything you said, but still can’t see the shadow from the text? Any help would be appreciated!

  11. marioandluigi68

    must you buy it?

  12. uqkforlife

    i did everthing that you sad .the only thing that i can see is the shadow behind the text .

  13. Sacher01

    thanks, clear and useful!

  14. guyinhoodie

    you probably have the newer version just right click and it will show you the options

  15. ReconSniperGuy

    @spartanking32i frist go on workspace then click text. then then u go on character (top right) and u will see 2 colored boxes. Click the top one choose your color then hit ok.


  16. wasakojot

    excellent video! thank you.

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  18. stickmakerman

    you can not see any color.

    colorblind xd

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  20. TechDeckTrainer35


  21. iFreedomsTV

    i dont have the Material Options

  22. Kenimness

    how do I open up the blending mode in a light layer if its not already there? i have After effects c5.5 on a mac.

    I have tried right clicking on the time line of the light layer but that hasn’t worked. there must be some manual way to do it?

  23. moon23845

    i can not see any color??

  24. moon23845

    when i add light layer and i changed color to red or orange… i can see any color??

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