How to Use a Green Screen-Adobe Following Effects


He guys in this video I show you how to use a green screen footage. Now the final result wont be amazing especially if you have a video. Pictures look a lot better but it doesnt really matter. Now while doing this I found out you have to have an even amount of lighting in every place. To much lighting will throw everythin off. Tip- Dont wear green or blue. Schedule: Every other day. If I miss a day I will make it up the next day. Facebook: Twitter: BlogTV: UStream: Website: Still workin on it-be up in the summer. AIM: everyelectronicY Skype: Ask me for it.

  1. iamSmexx

    it’s 5:30 LOL,,, thanks alot for help! 😀

  2. bumcrackninja

    Can I have a code cuz I just got everything cept after effects lol thanks bro XD

  3. deadeye382

    your a smart little bugga mate

  4. RAGkerikeri

    Hi do have a code for me 🙂 I am working with a TV Channel doing some testing so if you shout me a code you will get BIG THUMBS UP! Cheers 🙂 -Josh

  5. BlackKing649

    do you know the code to get adobe after effects cs5.5 for free?

  6. DanceNShorty

    I would love the numbers! plzzz

  7. EverythinElectronic

    why whats your problem?

  8. blockboy700

    thx I need big help though

  9. blockboy700

    thx I need big help thogh

  10. DanielAdProduction

    your funny , you dont where the same shirt for two days LOL

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